‘The Most Basic Subversion Of Democracy’: Tucker Cheers DeSantis For Sacking Soros-Backed Prosecutor

Fox News host Tucker Carlson sounded off Thursday night on the prosecutor suspended by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida.

“In case you missed civics class, prosecutors don’t get to make the laws,” Carlson said, discussing the suspension of Anthony Warren, a State Attorney reportedly backed by George Soros. “Prosecutors enforce the laws. They prosecute people for violating the laws. Legislatures make laws.” (RELATED: ‘Taking Their Marching Orders From George Soros’: Leo Terrell Accuses Democrats Of Being Bought)


“Your representatives are elected by you to write into law the rules that you support,” Carlson continued. “You get to create the parameters of your own society. That’s called democracy. But when a prosecutor decides which laws are valid and which laws are not, that is the most basic subversion of democracy, and Andrew Warren has done that for six years.”

DeSantis suspended Warren Thursday over Warren’s refusal to enforce legislation on abortion and child sex changes.

“The list that Gov. DeSantis just read is just partial,” Carlson said. “Andrew Warren also decided that he would not enforce HB 1. That’s the law that increased penalties for rioters. Warren refused to prosecute 67 BLM rioters in the summer of 2020. He said there had been no breach of the peace in Tampa when there most certainly had been, but he decided to ignore it because he agreed with their politics. More recently, Warren declined to prosecute a gang member accused of shooting into a house with children inside after shooting somebody else.”

Carlson claimed that Warren targeted a pastor who held services during the COVID pandemic.

Warren could not be reached for comment. His former office and George Soros did not immediately respond to requests for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The post ‘The Most Basic Subversion Of Democracy’: Tucker Cheers DeSantis For Sacking Soros-Backed Prosecutor was first published by the Daily Caller News Foundation and is reprinted here with permission. Please support their efforts.

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