Biden was left completely dumbstruck by what this GOP Senator just exposed about him

2024 is shaping up to be a catastrophe for Biden. And one Republican is spilling the beans on why that is.

That’s why Biden was left completely dumbstruck by what this GOP Senator just exposed about him.

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) criticized President Joe Biden for blaming his unpopularity in polls on media coverage, pointing to his policies, particularly those touching the border, that made him “as popular as herpes.”

“The truth is that most members of the media tried to help him,” Kennedy told Hannity.

“But in Louisiana, President Biden is as popular as herpes.”

“The people of Louisiana are not stupid,” the senator went on to say.

“They think the Biden administration is. They think it is stupidity run from the river to the sea. Exhibit A is the open border. President Biden has dissolved the southern border. Our problems at the southern border are man-made. And that man’s name is Joe Biden.”

Kennedy also stated that he believes a supplemental spending package will not be enacted in the Senate “unless we take steps to secure the border.”

The Republican senator’s remarks come in the wake of Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to Mexico this week.

Blinken met with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Wednesday, along with other U.S. officials, including Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, to discuss amnesty for DACA recipients, as talks on a bipartisan border security deal aimed at stemming the flow of illegal migration continue.


Biden’s awful chances are reflected in a vast number of polls:

  • According to a New York Times/Siena College national poll, Biden has 39% approval among potential voters, while 57% disapprove.
  • Monmouth University and CNBC polls of American adults showed he has popularity ratings in the mid-30s and disapproval ratings in the low 60s — both of which are all-time lows for Biden in those polls since becoming president.
  • Fox News released a poll of registered voters with a 43% approval rating and a 57% disapproval rating, up from Biden’s all-time lows of 40% and 59% in November.
  • A HarrisX/Harris Poll of registered voters commissioned by Harvard University found that 43% approve and 55% disapprove.

From liberal to conservative outlets, you can see that Biden’s hopes for a second term are in the toilet.

Democrats need to decide if he’s going to be their man.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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