Bombshell claims from a close associate could ruin the Biden family

Joe Biden and his son Hunter have been dodging prosecution for years. That could all change thanks to one man.

Because these bombshell claims from a close associate could ruin the Biden family.

The Biden family’s business dealings in Ukraine, China, and other foreign nations has been a cause for concern for years.

Many Americans believe their activities were illegal. In fact, according to a poll released by Fox News, 73 percent of registered voters believe Hunter Biden did something illegal or unethical.

This coupled with the FBI and fake news media suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story from The New York Post has only increased calls from Republicans to investigate the family.

And after shocking revelations from a close associate, Republicans are asking more whistleblowers to step forward.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), a top Congressional investigator, is urging whistleblowers to come forward following the arrest of an Israeli think-tank executive who allegedly worked with Hunter Biden as an adviser to a Chinese energy company and claims to have documents detailing financial ties between President Joe Biden and the company.

According to Israeli news source Ynet, Gal Luft, co-director of the D.C.-based Center for the Study of Global Security and a specialist in energy security and US-China relations, was arrested in Cyprus on an Interpol arrest order on suspicion of arms trafficking to Libya and China.

However, according to Luft, the arrest is “political revenge” for providing the FBI with embarrassing evidence about Joe Biden’s ties to his family’s business with a Chinese energy company before of the 2020 election.

“My only ‘sin’ is that in March 2019, before the US presidential elections, I brought to the FBI incriminating information about the business of US President Joe Biden’s family with China, and about a corruption case at the top of the FBI,” Luft told Ynet.

Mordechai Tzivin, an Israeli international criminal and human rights lawyer who represents Luft, told the Jerusalem Post that his client possesses material that will “bury” Hunter Biden and “shift attention toward the president himself.”

“[He] knows a lot of information on Hunter. The [Congress] only recently began to investigate Hunter’s case and Gal’s testimony, if [he is allowed to testify] will bury Hunter Biden.” Tzivin explained to the Post. “Even more so, his testimony will shift the attention toward the president himself.”

When approached by Breitbart News, Tzivin refused to produce documentation to back up his assertions. Tzivin, too, declined to comment.

Following the publication of information about Luft’s case, Rep. Issa told Breitbart News that he encourages any whistleblowers with information that could help progress House investigations into the Biden family business plan and Department of Justice malfeasance to come forward.

“One never knows where whistleblowers, concerned individuals and the critical information they provide will be found next. But we must always be ready — especially as we uncover more and more Biden family corruption — to receive evidence that advances the cause of accountability and oversight,” Issa told Breitbart.

Issa now serves on the House Judiciary Committee and the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, after holding Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress in 2012, the first time such a disciplinary measure was taken against an AG. 

The congressman has shown a willingness to investigate election interference in the suppression of information on Biden family business entanglements, sending preservation of documents notices to 12 individuals involved in the censorship of the New York Post’s reporting on the Biden scion’s “laptop from hell” last March.

The House Oversight Committee has said that it is aware of Luft’s allegations and will contact his attorney.

“Oversight Committee staff are aware of the allegations and will be in touch with the attorney soon,” the committee’s spokesman said.

A number of Biden family associates have been rumored to be collaborating with House investigators in recent days, as polling suggests a further shift away from the president’s family and their business transactions.

President Biden’s former “primary gatekeeper,” Kathy Chung, has volunteered to cooperate with the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into the classified document issue and the Biden family’s worldwide business operations. Chung’s lawyer, Bill Taylor, told CNN that she will turn up some requested documents and appear before the committee for an interview.

According to a committee spokesman who talked to Breitbart, Hunter Biden’s senior financial lieutenant Eric Schwerin is also anticipated to “soon” disclose records to the Oversight Committee’s probe into the Biden family.

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