Chuck Schumer is panicking about this video reaching the public

Chuck Schumer

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is done for. He’s officially lost all credibility.

And Chuck Schumer is panicking about this video reaching the public.

The Democrats as well as a few insane RINOs have been harping on the so-called January 6 “insurrection” for more than two years now.

They’ve spent millions of taxpayer dollars on sham investigations trying to ultimately blame all conservatives for the events that took place that day, as well as lock Donald Trump up for crimes he didn’t commit.

The truth about Jan. 6 is that it was a bunch of hooligans who had no real plan to “overthrow” our democracy, which is what the Democrats would have you believe.

Chuck Schumer, in particular, has been one of the biggest proponents of this ridiculous idea that conservatives were illegally trying to take over the nation.

He once claimed, without any evidence, that the Jan. 6 rioters broke into the Congress building and called out to Schumer saying, “There’s the big Jew, let’s get ’em.”

Again, there’s no evidence that this even happened at all. It could be entirely made up, which wouldn’t be surprising given how hypocritical Schumer is.

Schumer is the one who basically threatened the new conservative members of the U.S. Supreme Court saying they had no idea what they were “in for.”

But now there’s proof that Chuck Schumer and the Democrats are full of it and that they’ve been lying to the American people about January 6 all along.

Tucker Carlson on his Fox News show finally released never before seen footage from January 6 that he was given by House Republicans.

This of course had Democrats sweating bullets as Tucker Carlson is unafraid to tell his viewers the truth.

And it appears they had every reason to be nervous because the videos Carlson share are shocking to say the least. The videos indicate that the Capitol Police quite literally escorted these so-called “insurrectionists” throughout the Capitol building.

But there’s even more truth in these videos that expose even more lies of the Democrats and RINOs from the sham Jan. 6 Committee.

Carlson notes that the media has been saying for years now that Officer Brian Sicknick was killed by mob rioters outside. They said he was killed by being hit by a fire extinguisher.

The truth is that Brian Sicknick was found walking around – seemingly in fine health with a helmet on as well – in the Capitol after the time he was apparently killed outside by this “mob.”

But that’s still not all of it.

The Jan. 6 Committee also tried to frame U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) as a coward for “riling up” insurrectionists and then supposedly running away from the mob in the Capitol.

The truth is that the Committee actually edited the footage to make it propaganda.

Carlson points out that Capitol Police escorted dozens of legislators out of the Capitol and that Hawley was just one of those individuals who was escorted out. He was also at the back of the group.

He was not a “coward” trying to run away like a dog with his tail between his legs.

All of these videos prove that the Democrats have been lying about the events of January 6 for years now. They just want to use it to claim that they are the only party worth entrusting the future of American democracy.

But the truth is that they are the only major political Party who is using tragedies like the death of officer Brian Sicknick to lie through their teeth for political gain.

Now tell us which Party is the one that’s actually damaging the fabric of our democracy.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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