Clarence Thomas just got the last laugh against this Democrat Senator

Justice Thomas has been the Left’s most hated man on the bench for staying true to the Constitution. They’ll do anything to bring him down.

But Clarence Thomas just got the last laugh against this Democrat Senator.

Sen. Tim Kaine, D-VA, is now accused of using his position to advance his wife’s career on many occasions, after accusing Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of doing the same.

Kaine was Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful 2016 Democratic Vice Presidential nominee.

“In 2019, the Senate Ethics Committee cautioned the Virginia Democrat against participating in events at George Mason University, where his wife, Anne Holton, served as interim president,” reported Washington Free Beacon Senior Investigative Reporter Chuck Ross on Wednesday.

“But Kaine helped Holton and her school in other ways, according to emails,” Ross went on to say.

In one November 2020 email to the senator and his director of scheduling, the contents of which are redacted, Holton explicitly asked Kaine for a “favor.” At the request of his wife, Kaine lobbied the Biden White House to appoint her chief of staff, Dietra Trent, to lead the administration’s initiative on historically black colleges, the emails show. Kaine also introduced a bill in June 2020 to increase emergency coronavirus relief funding to universities following an email exchange with Holton weeks earlier.

Ross went on to state that “Kaine’s actions provided a financial and PR boost to George Mason University, where Holton now serves as professor of public policy and education.”

“The school has received $121 million in emergency pandemic funding, including $68 million to make up for revenue lost during the pandemic,” he said.

Furthermore, Ross quoted a story from last year that stated Kaine “obtained $3.5 million in earmarks for George Mason University in 2022 and 2023.”

The findings regarding Kaine’s conduct are eerily similar to the accusations he leveled against Justice Thomas in an attempt to undermine the pro-life justice.

Kaine was among a group of Congressional Democrats who signed a letter to Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts in April of last year, stating:

Over the course of the past year, Justice Thomas has participated in numerous cases implicating his wife’s activities related to the 2020 election and the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. Justice Thomas’s failure to recuse in these cases raises questions about whether he violated both federal law and canons of judicial ethics regarding conflicts of interest and recusal. It has been said that he knew nothing of his spouse’s activities.

The letter was written in reaction to an attack on Thomas by the left-wing news organization ProPublica.

In reference to the item, the Democrats said that “Thomas has repeatedly accepted and failed to disclose gifts and travel from billionaire Harlan Crow.”

“[W]e write to request an investigation into these and other outstanding allegations of unethical, and potentially unlawful, conduct at the Supreme Court,” Kaine and his co-workers wrote in a letter.

Later evidence revealed that ProPublica relied extensively on politically biased sources.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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