House Democrat breaks ranks to join the Republicans

The Democrat Party is bleeding support from the American people. Now, even some of their own are jumping ship.

Because this House Democrat broke ranks to join the Republicans.

There’s only so much a person can take before they break.

When you look at the results of Joe Biden and the Democrats’ policies, you can only pretend it’s not happening for so long.

That’s why countless Democrats are waking up to the reality that the Left doesn’t have our interests at heart.

It started with mayors like NYC’s Eric Adams, but now bigger fish are looking for a different pond.

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) has called for a crime crackdown in Washington, D.C., citing carjackings that have affected everyone from members of Congress to FBI agents.

The Texas Democrat, who was carjacked at gunpoint in Washington in October, called the more than 900 carjackings in Washington an “incredible number” and emphasized the need for adequate police funding as well as consequences for criminals on Fox News’ Fox and Friends on Friday.

“Bottom line is what you’ve got to have is you got to have the resources. You got to support the police. You got to have the right laws to have repercussions,” Cuellar said.

“That is, if somebody breaks the law, then you make sure you enforce that law. Otherwise, it’s going to continue going. I mean, how can you have, at the nation’s capital, over 900 carjackings in 11 months? That’s just something that has to change.”

He boiled down the issues fuelling crime in Washington to two components, suggesting that a lack of punishment emboldens offenders.

“They probably feel that, No. 1, they’re not going to get caught. No. 2, the consequence after they get caught won’t be that tough for them,” Cuellar said.

“So, therefore, we gotta put the resources, make sure that the police and the detectives have enough funding, but at the end, you’ve got to prosecute. And I know a lot of them are juveniles, but there’s got to be something to address this issue.”

When asked if the guy who carjacked him at gunpoint earlier this year had been apprehended, Cuellar stated that no one had been apprehended, but that police do have leads in the case.

According to Metropolitan Police Department statistics, there have been 6,372 motor vehicle thefts this year as of Friday, a 92% rise from 2022.

This year’s 900 carjackings in Washington are more than double the 400 recorded in 2022.

It’s an embarrassment that the highest officeholders in the nation are being stripped of their property by criminals without any repercussions.

Do you think our enemies are looking at that thinking we’re in a position of strength?

Of course not. Maybe it’s all part of the Democrat playbook – food for thought.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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