Jim Jordan just lit up a key Biden official for committing this crime

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan has made a name for himself by sticking to his principles. Now he’s dragging one of Biden’s henchman out for everyone to see.

And Jim Jordan just lit up a key Biden official for committing this crime.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) grilled FBI Director Christopher Wray about a leaked memo detailing the agency’s plans to pursue “radical traditionalist” Catholics. He said that the scheme was only driven by “politics.”

The now-retracted letter, which began at the FBI field office in Richmond, Virginia, was leaked in February and outlined a plot to target devout Catholics.

The agency “had used information from the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center to guide the crafting of the memo,” according to Breitbart News.

Wray said he was “aghast” to learn of the letter and “ordered it withdrawn and removed from FBI systems” after Jordan asked him to describe “radical, traditional Catholics.”

He asserted that it “was a single product by a single field office.”

Jordan asked Wray to enable the Oversight Committee to interview FBI personnel from the Richmond office who wrote the memo, but the director responded that the agency is “working on finishing an internal review” and that he will tell the committee later this summer.

When Jordan pressed him, he refused to provide the names of individuals responsible for the memo.

Jordan read verbatim from the text, claiming that the program’s goal is to plant “informants” in Catholic churches:

Let me just read from page four, “Provide new opportunities to mitigate extremist threat through outreach to traditional Catholic parishes and the development of sources with the placement and access to report on places of worship.” That’s pretty fancy language for they’re trying to put informants in the parish, in the church. That’s what this memorandum said, director, from one of your field offices, and you won’t let us talk to the people who did.

“Do you think priests should be informants inside the church, director?” said the chairman.

“We do not recruit, open, or operate confidential human sources to infiltrate, target, report on religious organizations,” Wray responded.

When Jordan remarked, “It sounds like you were trying to do it in Richmond, Virginia,” Wray replied, “No sir.”

Jordan pushed Wray to “assure us this didn’t happen.”

“That product did not, to as best as we can tell, result in any investigative action as a result of it. “None,” Wray replied.

Jordan continued reading from the text, citing politics as the motivation for the scheme Wray has condemned:

It says right there on the same page, “Richmond assesses extremist interests in radical traditional Catholics is likely to increase over the next 12 to 24 months in the run up to the next general election.” Same paragraph, “Events in which extremists and radical traditional Catholics might have common cause include legislation, judicial decisions in such areas as abortion rights, immigration, affirmative action, and LGBTQ protections. It’s politics. That’s the motivation in the run-up to the next election and they talk about the border, affirmative action and abortion rights. It’s total politics. I mean, I think it’s interesting, that … we just got a decision from a bunch of Catholics who sit on the United States Supreme Court relative to affirmative action. Politics was the total motivation here and that’s what’s scary. That’s what I think is so frightening.

Jordan noted, “Five people signed off on it, including the chief division counsel at the Richmond field office.” He requested an unredacted copy of the paper before the FBI completed its own probe, but Wray refused to commit to doing so.

“I will find out if there’s more of the document that can be shared with you,” Wray said. “We’ve tried to be very careful in what we redact, and there’s always a basis for it.”

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