Kevin McCarthy dropped one truth bomb that SILENCED the Democrat party

Democrats have been whining about the new Republican majority in the House. But they won’t be whining anymore.

Because Kevin McCarthy just dropped a truth bomb on the Democrats that silenced them once and for all.

When Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was pulled from the Foreign Affairs Committee, the entire Democrat party lost their minds.

They couldn’t understand why Ilhan Omar, who has made many anti-semitic comments, would be pulled from a committee charged with reviewing legislation that directly impacts America’s allies, like Israel.

Well now the new Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) wants to set the record straight for the last time regarding Ilhan Omar’s assignments.

At a press conference this week, Kevin McCarthy was asked what his thoughts were about those saying the Republicans are being hypocritical in kicking Omar from her Foreign Affairs assignment.

But he didn’t hold any punches back and let everyone know that such questions are flat out uncalled for and ridiculous because Ilhan Omar has dug this hole herself.

“Some Democrats are arguing that the difference between last Congress when they voted off those Republicans off committees and Omar and this vote is that there is a lack of accountability because they say that you have not specifically condemned Marjorie Taylor Greene or Paul Gosar. What is your reaction to that?” a reporter asked McCarthy at the press conference.

“They’re totally wrong. I can’t believe you asked that question. Think what you just asked what you said,” McCarthy quickly retorted.

“Every single Democrat voted to remove Marjorie Greene on something she said before she ever came to Congress. So they wanted to override what the American people in her district decided. Then they remove Gosar from every single place,” he continued to say.

McCarthy went on to drop a harsh truth on the Democrats noting that they “fought really hard” to keep Eric Swalwell, who was in a romantic relationship with a Chinese spy, on the Intel Committee and that he can’t believe they tried to defend that.

“Now they get upset, they want to fight really hard to keep a member of their conference who had a relationship with a Chinese spy on the Intel Committee. I can’t believe they would even defend that…Then they want to defend Omar. I’m not removing her from all committees, like they did. They cheered when they did that!” he added.

Then he dropped the final nuclear bomb noting that Ilhan Omar has literally compared the American military to terrorist groups like Hamas and the Taliban.

“She said the American military is equal to Hamas and the Taliban, from a member of Foreign Affairs,” he explained.

Check out a the clip from the press conference below:

Of course, the White House was quick to defend Ilhan Omar saying she’s a “highly respected member of Congress,” essentially arguing she shouldn’t have been removed from her post in the Foreign Affairs committee.

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre argued that because Omar has “apologized for her comments she made in the past” that all should be forgiven.

But let’s be totally honest.

If a Republican says anything remotely controversial, the Democrats pounce on them like wolves and won’t let them back up.

Ilhan Omar needs to be held accountable and face the consequences for her actions. And it appears McCarthy and the Republicans are doing just that.

Stay tuned to DC Daily Journal.

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