Nancy Pelosi made the most idiotic and heartless claim you won’t believe

Nancy Pelosi

There’s a reason former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not well-liked. She’s an insufferable witch.

But she went too far with this purely idiotic and heartless claim that you won’t believe.

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has been the focus of a ton of attention in recent weeks as she’s been hospitalized and released, and now again dealing with more health issues.

She said she was expecting a return to the Senate Chamber in March but it’s been delayed due to health complications she is facing from her shingles diagnosis earlier this year.

This has many Democrats worried because they want to keep this from dominating the news with Americans seeing that the Democrats are keeping around career politicians into their old age so they can hold onto power in Washington, D.C.

A “progressive” Democrat in the U.S. House, Ro Khanna (D-CA), took to Twitter to say that “it’s time” for Dianne Feinstein to resign.

He argued that it is “obvious” she can’t do her job as a sitting U.S. Senator anymore and that not addressing this “undermindes our credibility as elected” officials.

This set the political world ablaze, but many agreed with Khanna that Dianne Feinstein is just simply getting to a point where she can’t do much anymore.

Though not everyone agreed with Khanna. House Democrat Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) spoke up to disagree with Khanna.

But she didn’t justdisagree with him. She implied that Khanna and anyone else saying Feinstein should resign are sexist.

In a video with ABC, Pelosi first praised Feinstein as a “leader” for the U.S. and California.

“For 20 years I have been the leader or the speaker of the House fighting for California, and I have seen up-close and firsthand her great leadership for our country, but especially for our state of California,” she said.

She added that Feinstein deserves “the respect to get well” and get back to her job as a U.S. Senator. Then she claimed that people are going “after” Feinstein simply because she’s a woman.

“I don’t know what the political agendas that are at work that are going after Sen. Feinstein in that way. I’ve never seen them go after a man in the Senate in that way.”

First of all, no one is being harsh with regards to Dianne Feinstein. Everyone in Congress has been wishing her well and hoping she returns to full health soon.

But you have to read the writing on the wall.

Feinstein is 89-years old and has been struggling with health issues in waves for the past five years or so.

Expecting her to step down so someone else could fill the position is not unreasonable in the slightest.

To argue that expecting her to resign is “sexist” is ludicrous and shows just how insufferable Nancy Pelosi truly is.

Pulling the “sexism” card is disingenuous, foolish, and outright wrong. Plenty of people just want Feinstein to retire so she can take care of herself rather than having to deal with the burden of being a U.S. Senator.

Maybe Nancy Pelosi is getting defensive because she sees her career reaching its end and she doesn’t want anyone telling her what to do whatsoever.

Either way, Pelosi’s claim just can’t get any more moronic.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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