Nancy Pelosi went blue in the face after this devastating video was released

Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi has slowly tried to remove herself from the limelight over the past few months. She knew a reckoning was on its way.

And Nancy Pelosi went blue in the face after this devastating video was released.

Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul have been caught up in a scandal regarding insider trading that mainstream media outlets have failed to cover.

Part of this is probably due to no lack of crime and scandal coming out of Joe Biden and his administration.

But another is that the Leftist media likes to play cover for their allies whenever possible.

You may remember that Paul Pelosi was attacked by a hammer-wielding David DePape months ago.

And after intense speculation, the body-cam footage, which the prosecution attempted to withhold from the public, was finally released.

What followed is truly bizarre.

The video, which only runs for 1:39, shows the police gingerly approaching the Pelosi household, only to be greeted by a smiling DePape and Pelosi.

When asked to drop the hammer, DePape says no and seems to try to pull the hammer from Paul Pelosi.

Pelosi, for whatever reason, seems to be holding a drink in his left hand.

They struggle for a few moments, and DePape attacks Pelosi. The cops intervene and call for backup.

As some conservative commentators have commented, this video seems to raise more questions than it answers.

For one, why was Pelosi in his underwear, a fact that NBC News’ Miguel Almaguer was suspended for reporting?

For another, why did Pelosi never let go of his drink during the altercation or declare an emergency to the police?

Instead, one of the few things he does say is a casual “how are you?” to the police.

Whatever the answers to all these questions, one thing is for certain, there’s more to this story than the under two minute video shows.

And when that news breaks, you’ll be the first to know.

Stay tuned to DC Daily Journal.

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