Top Democrat launched a shocking attack on this religious group


Many Democrats only have room for one God – the government. Anything that gets in the way is a threat to their power.

And a top Democrat launched a shocking attack on this religious group.

To the modern radical Left, the only thing worth living and dying for is their ideology.

That’s why any mention of religion or God has been so thoroughly attacked within the culture.

Christians have especially been targeted by the Biden administration through FBI raids of pro-life Catholic activists.

Some politicians can’t even stand to see the name “Jesus” without hurling insults and saying it’s a dog whistle.

And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just proved this fact in her latest Twitter tirade.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) mocked a Super Bowl message of hope and love from a Christian organization, comparing the commercials glorifying Jesus Christ to “fascism.”

As part of the “He Gets Us” campaign, the nonprofit Servant Foundation funded two Super Bowl commercials. The first featured images of children in wonderful settings, including black and white children hugging, as well as a moving shot from 2019 of Aubrey Burge, 5, comforting her 4-year-old brother while he received chemotherapy.

“Jesus didn’t want us to act like adults,” the narrator continues as the song “If I Could See The World [Through The Eyes of a Child]” by iconic country singer Patsy Cline plays. “He gets us. All of us. Be childlike.”

The second ad showed adults arguing and fighting with each other, then stated, “Jesus loved the people we hate,” reiterating, “He gets us. All of us.”

Millions of viewers of various faiths were moved by the messages, but not AOC.

“Something tells me Jesus would *not* spend millions of dollars on Super Bowl ads to make fascism look benign,” the New York lawmaker tweeted.

She can’t even bear to see compassion and mercy without equating it to 1940’s Germany, an authoritarian and non-religious state.

Hobby Lobby founder David Green, a devout Christian and one of the campaign’s key funders, stated that the group hoped to reach the largest audience of the year with its plea for kindness and compassion.

“You’re going to see it at the Super Bowl—‘He Gets Us.’ We are wanting to say—we being a lot of people—that He gets us,” Green said. “He understands us. He loves who we hate. I think we have to let the public know and create a movement.”

“It fits with our target audience really well,” He Gets Us campaign spokesperson Jason Vanderground told The Associated Press. “We’re trying to get the message across to people who are spiritually open, but skeptical.”

Vanderground stated that the group believed there was space for a love message among all the advertising for consumer items.

“Selling chips is cool, selling light beers, all of that stuff is awesome,” Vanderground said. “I enjoy consuming all those things. There’s something about figuring out the way that we treat fellow human beings that we think is just a profound activity to occur during the Super Bowl.”

According to The Wall Street Journal, some 30-second Super Bowl ads sold for more than $7 million, while others cost $6 million since several advertisers had multiyear commitments and spent a lot of money on ads for sports-related shows in general.

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