U.S. Senator put the White House on notice with this shocking demand

Biden’s administration has been a catastrophic failure. Now they’ve been put in a corner they can’t escape from.

Because this U.S. Senator put the White House on notice with one shocking demand.

Biden and his team of elites in Washington, D.C. have played defense on nearly every foreign policy issue.

He withdrew from Afghanistan, he allows China to fly spy balloons over the U.S., and now he’s allowing Iran to bomb our military through its terrorist proxies.

Well, one Senator isn’t going to stand for it.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) recommended “massive retaliation” against Iran and urged President Biden to retaliate harshly in response to the recent attacks on U.S. installations in the region.

Cotton chastised Trump for taking a measured approach to Iran, which has not directly attacked the U.S. but has acted through proxies since the Israeli war began.

“We’ve only hit back a few times. When we do hit back, it’s almost always at empty proxy warehouses or maybe proxy forces in Iraq and Syria,” Cotton told Fox News Sunday.

“It seems like the president wants to go out of his way to avoid Iranian casualties,” he added.

“I would target Iranians who are operating in Iraq and in Syria. I would also send a clear message to Iran if these attacks don’t stop immediately, then we’ll begin to threaten their assets.”

According to the Department of Defense, there have been at least 66 strikes on U.S. forces since October 17.

Cotton, a 46-year-old army veteran and member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has long been a hawk on Iran.

He contended that Biden’s hesitancy toward Tehran derives from “fear of escalation,” but that “escalation dominance” would dissuade aggression.

When asked about the prospect of a kinetic response provoking a reaction “akin to World War III,” Cotton played it down.

“What Reagan did when he sank half of Iran’s navy, it didn’t lead to an open, outright war,” he said.

“After Donald Trump directed [the] killing of Qasem Soleimani in Iraq, Iran’s terrorist mastermind, Iran pulled in its horns for the rest of Trump’s era.”

“The way to stop these attacks is not be fearful and hesitant and cautious in a response, but massive retaliation to make it clear we will not tolerate these attacks on Americans.”

Iran, a Shia-majority country, has vigorously opposed Israel’s war on Hamas, a Sunni Islamic terrorist group backed by Tehran.

Republicans have criticized Biden’s administration, particularly his suspension of his Iran ambassador, Robert Malley, who is under investigation, the circumstances of which are unknown.

Rep. Jake Auchincloss (D-Mass.), who spoke after Cotton, praised the president’s policies toward the Iranian dictatorship.

“They have rolled out almost 50 new sets of sanctions that have helped lead to almost 50% inflation in the Iranian economy. Iran is desperate right now,” Auchincloss argued.

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