U.S. Senator switches party allegiance and throws Washington, D.C. into chaos

tim scott

Over the past year, we’ve seen a number of top politicians change their party affiliation. But no one saw this one coming.

Because a U.S. Senator just switched party affiliation and threw Washington, D.C. into chaos.

In recent weeks, Vice President Kamala Harris has started peddling the lie that Florida public schools are teaching that slavery in America was a net positive for African Americans.

Of course, she’s just trying to attack the massively popular Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis because he has been a major thorn in the side of the extremists on the Left for years now.

But Kamala Harris got put on blast after she was caught peddling those egregious lies about Florida.

Numerous history experts and teachers from within Florida and without have said that it’s simply not true that Florida is trying to teach that slavery was overall a good thing for blacks.

The Florida curriculum merely points out that the objective truth that plenty of slaves ended up learning agricultural and mechanical skills from slavery that ended up helping these individuals in life when they were eventually freed.

That is simply objectively true. There is no arguing that fact.

But while you can expect Kamala Harris to peddle some nonsense like this every day and twice on Sundays, no one saw this U.S. Senator agreeing with her.

Senator and Presidential candidate Tim Scott has shared on his campaign trail that he agrees with Kamala Harris that Ron DeSantis is trying to create a “silver lining” of slavery.

“There is no silver lining in slavery,” Scott said during a campaign stop, according to Politico.

“Slavery was really about separating families, about mutilating humans, and even raping their wives. It was just devastating.”

These comments from Tim Scott just show how out of touch he is with the conservative base and why he’s way behind his opponents in the Republican primary race.

No one is actually trying to say racism and slavery was a good thing that ended up overall benefitting the African Americans who suffered from slavery.

That being said, to deny the fact that the skills the African American community learned from slavery did end up shaping their capabilities after they were freed is to deny historical fact.

Tim Scott isn’t winning any points with Republican voters by going after DeSantis in this way.

And while it’s understandable that he wants to try to wiggle his way to the front of the Republican primary race, doing so by aligning yourself with Vice President Kamala Harris is a dumb way of doing that.

Kamala Harris is liked by all of three people in the entire nation. None of those people are Republican voters.

What did Tim Scott think he was accomplishing here? A feel-good virtue signal? Did he actually think he was going to score some political points? Either way, it was a dumb move.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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