CNN’s HQ is on fire after this bombshell exposed their corruption

Don Lemon

CNN has been on the decline for months now. This is the final nail in the coffin.

Because CNN’s HQ is on fire after this shocking bombshell exposed their corruption.

The American people already didn’t have much trust in CNN, but lately it’s been even worse for the Leftist network.

CNN is bleeding money like it’s nothing and viewership is at twenty year lows with no sign of that changing.

The network has also had personality issues, with many of its hosts being extremely unlikeable. That’s why they’ve let go of a handful of previous staples, like Brian Stelter.

But CNN won’t catch a break anytime soon because another bombshell report accuses CNN of having a bad misogyny problem.

Variety published an article that accuses CNN’s Don Lemon of being a young “journalist who flouted rules” and was hostile “to many female co-workers.”

He allegedly targeted big names such as, Soledad O’Brien, Nancy Grace, and even his former co-anchor Kyra Phillips.

Lemon was even accused in the Variety article of saying that a co-worker of his who says she is “Afro-Cuban”, Soledad O’Brien, actually isn’t black at all.

CNN’s Don Lemon has also been accused of threatening his co-anchor because she got a role within the network that he wanted.

Back in 2008, when his co-anchor Kyra Phillips was given the role of covering the Iraq war, Lemon allegedly went into Phillips’ desk and destroyed pictures and notes.

Lemon also allegedly sent her threatening texts saying that she “crossed the line” and that she would “pay for it.”

Don Lemon went so far as to send these texts from an unknown phone number, but CNN was eventually able to tie the unknown phone number to Lemon.

As many have noted, this all seems somewhat on brand for Don Lemon.

Lemon recently came under fire after making obviously uncalled for and gross comments about Nikki Haley being “past of her prime” at 51, and implying that she shouldn’t be running for President.

CNN had Lemon take time off after that incident, but he did eventually come back to the network in his normal capacity with no real consequences.

That has allegedly been the theme of the relationship between CNN and Don Lemon over the past 15 years or so.

Lemon was “demoted” to weekend duty after the 2008 situation with co-anchor Phillips, but he was eventually welcomed back with, again, no lasting consequences.

CNN is almost done for. Their ratings are awful and they keep finding themselves getting more and more bad press.

Either they will let go of Don Lemon, or they will go down with him. Either way, the future for CNN doesn’t look good.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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