Democrat offers Justice Clarence Thomas millions to do this sickening act

The Left has been trying to ensnare Justice Thomas for decades. Now they’re going for broke.

And a Democrat offered Justice Clarence Thomas millions to do this sickening act.

In exchange for his retirement from America’s top court, HBO’s Last Week Tonight anchor John Oliver offered to give Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas $1 million each year.

The eleventh season of Oliver’s talk show program debuted on Sunday, with him discussing his alleged serious bribe to a Supreme Court Justice.

“One million dollars a year for the rest of your life, if you simply agree to leave the Supreme Court immediately and never come back,” Oliver remarked when asked about his “special offer.”

Oliver stated that he believes the country’s Supreme Court is “at a breaking point.”

To repair the court, the Leftist talk show host proposed a range of solutions, including an enforced ethics code, term limits, and increasing the number of justices.

“Clarence Thomas is arguably the most consequential justice on the court right now, and he’s never really seemed to like the job. He said, ‘It’s not worth doing for the grief.’ So, what if he can keep the luxury perks he clearly enjoys without having to endure all of that grief,” Oliver continued.

The late-night host held up a contract to reassure the audience that his offer to Thomas was legitimate.

“If you watch our show, you know jokes aren’t really our thing. This is real. A million dollars a year until you or I die,” Oliver said.

The comedian stated that he spoke with legal experts who informed him that he was not breaking any laws by promising to compensate Thomas.

“Which seems crazy to me because it really feels like it shouldn’t be. But as they keep pointing out, there are no rules in place to stop me from doing this. And let me be clear: HBO is not putting up the money for this. I am personally on the hook,” he said.

“You can make me really regret this. I could be doing standup tours to pay for your retirement for years.”

Oliver went on to clarify that his offer would only be available to Thomas for 30 days. To sweeten the deal, Oliver included a $2.4 million tour bus in his cash-loaded offer.

“A million dollars a year and a brand-new condo on wheels and all you have to do in return is sign the contract and get the f— off the Supreme Court,” Oliver went on to say.

“Thirty days, Clarence. Let’s do this… Your move, Clarence. Your f—–g move.”

And we know what Justice Thomas will do – nothing at all.

1. Justice Thomas would never sell out his principles to some liberal comedian.

2. Justice Thomas probably doesn’t even know who John Oliver is.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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