Federal court slaps President Biden with a devastating loss


Joe Biden and the Democrats’ rely on judges rubber stamping their agenda. But they just hit a major road block.

Because this federal court slapped President Biden with a devastating loss.

For some reason, Democrats are obsessed with pushing their cultural ideology onto children from the earliest of ages.

And it seems to be working. A recent gallup survey poll showed that among Gen Z, nearly 2% identify as transgender.

Among the Silent Generation – those born between 1928 and 1945 – only 0.05% identify as such.

So in the span of less than 100 years, transgender identification has skyrocketed to levels 38 times higher than previously seen.

Many have argued that the Left’s push to teach LGBTQ ideas to children is the driving force behind a “social contagion” effect.

But their agenda just had a major wrench thrown in the cogs.

On Saturday, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit temporarily overruled a previous court judgment, enabling Tennessee’s restriction on “gender-affirming care” for children to take effect while the case is being heard.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee (R) approved legislation in March that would prohibit sex change procedures, cross-sex hormone therapy, and puberty blockers for kids who are transitioning.

The parents of transgender children receiving such extensive treatments and procedures filed a lawsuit against the state, attempting to prevent the rule from becoming law. The Department of Justice of President Joe Biden has also joined the lawsuit against Tennessee.

A federal district court judge in Tennessee determined last month that the state’s statute was illegal due to sex discrimination, stopping the measure from going into effect.

However, a two-to-one majority of the Sixth Circuit Federal Appeals Court allowed Tennessee’s emergency appeal on Saturday, ruling that the state will most likely prevail in appealing the preliminary injunction halting the bill.

The law, which was supposed to take effect on July 1, will now take force immediately. It empowers Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti to investigate and sanction healthcare providers who violate the restriction up to $25,000.

According to the majority, legislative problems such as transgender care are better suited for the legislature rather than the judiciary.

“Given the high stakes of these nascent policy deliberations —the long-term health of children facing gender dysphoria— sound government usually benefits from more rather than less debate,” wrote President George W. Bush appointee, Chief Judge Jeffrey Sutton.

He was joined by Judge Amal Thapar, who was appointed by Donald Trump.

The judgment by the Sixth Circuit, which includes Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, and Kentucky, is the first to allow a restriction on “gender-affirming care” for children to go into force.

“We appreciate their perspectives, and they give us pause,” Sutton wrote of other judge’s decisions. “But they do not eliminate our doubts.”

In a joint statement, the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee, other advocacy groups, and plaintiffs’ counsel called the Sixth Circuit’s decision “disappointing and heartbreaking.”

“As we and our clients consider our next steps, we want all the transgender youth of Tennessee to know this fight is far from over and we will continue to challenge this law until it is permanently defeated and Tennessee is made a safer place to raise every family,” the statement said.

Skrmetti, on the other side, called the ruling a “big win.”

“This case is far from over, but this is a big win. The court of appeals lifted the injunction, meaning the law can be fully enforced, and recognized that Tennessee is likely to win the constitutional argument and the case,” Skrmetti said in a statement.

Sutton stated that the court would expedite the appeals process in order to resolve the matter by September 30.

Williams v. Skrmetti, No. 23-5600, is the case before the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

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