Joe Biden boarded a plane and got blindsided in a shocking attack

Joe Biden

It’s no secret that Joe Biden is an unlikable President. It was only a matter of time before his actions finally caught up to him.

But Biden was utterly blindsided by this shocking attack after boarding a plane.

President Joe Biden will celebrate New Year’s at St. Croix, in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

However, many individuals attacked the president on Twitter for visiting the island after a blizzard that claimed at least 60 lives.

One account with the handle Live Monitor stated, “Biden heads to St. Croix while half the country deals with the aftermath of a massive snow storm … remember when the media demanded Ted Cruz resigns for going to Mexico?”

Writer Nick Adams inquired, “Where is the media outrage over Joe Biden abandoning his country during a historic blizzard to vacation on a beach in St. Croix?”

Radio personality Dan O’Donnell posted, “Remember when the left freaked out because Ted Cruz was in Cancun during power outages in Texas? President Biden is vacationing in St. Croix as millions of Americans are stranded in random cities and dozens are dead in the worst blizzard in decades and liberals are totally fine.”

“I’m so old I remember when flying to a tropical destination while people were freezing to death was frowned upon,” another user remarked.

This is a classic example of how hypocritical Democrats and the Left as a whole can be.

You might remember when Ted Cruz went on vacation to Cancun, Mexico in the middle of a winter storm in Texas in 2021. It was definitely bad optics.

The entire radical Left and the Fake News Media were ready to crucify Cruz for taking a vacation at that time.

But Joe Biden – the President of the United States, not some Senator – does the same thing and he gets a free pass?

What kind of bologna is that?

This might blow the Left’s minds, but two things can be true at the same time. Maybe Ted Cruz should’ve been more sensitive to how his vacation would look in the middle of a crisis for millions of Americans.

And maybe Joe Biden should have skipped taking a trip to St. Croix while winter storms are raging on that are costing the lives of Americans.

Joe Biden in particular should be mindful of these things considering his approval ratings have been deeply underwater for more than a year now and he’s setting his own Party up for a disaster in the 2024 election cycle.

Overall, elected officials could afford to live in the shoes of the average American just a bit more.

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