Joe Biden was just demolished by the last person he expected

Russell Brand

Biden isn’t used to having his authority questioned. But that’s all about to change.

Because Joe Biden was just demolished by the last person he expected.

The Left has an iron grip on the culture and their pals in the mainstream media.

For years, anyone who stood up against their agenda could expect to be dragged through the dirt by Leftist journalists.

They know if they can shut up dissent, then they can shape America into whatever vision they want.

And Americans saw this firsthand with the COVID pandemic that started almost three years ago.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Americans were told “we’re all in this together” and “two weeks to slow the spread,” but what resulted was crippling economic shutdowns, lockdown orders for months if not years, and mask mandates.

People were silenced for not only having differing opinions to the accepted narrative but even for asking questions about things like the efficacy of lockdowns and masks.

Instead of answers, Big Tech CEOs in league with government bureaucrats campaigned against “misinformation,” as if challenging the establishment orthodoxy was somehow a crime.

But now, Americans are learning that even the experts were flying by the seat of their pants.

As the Daily Wire reports, Pfizer President Janine Small testified before the European Union Parliament and admitted the company “never even trialed the vaccine” to test its efficacy to stop the spread of COVID “before it entered the market.”

You read that right, by their own admission, Pfizer developed, got approved, and sold their COVID vaccine without having a single clue if it would work.

Podcaster Russell Brand jumped on the story, slamming Joe Biden and Pfizer during Rumble’s “Stay Free with Russell Brand” on Wednesday.

“Isn’t that the most extraordinary thing,” Brand said. “After for a couple of years, hearing that if you’re an unvaccinated person you are irresponsible. I believe Joe Biden for example said this is a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated.’”

Brand went on to question why other outlets like CNN and BBC were not covering the story.

“Because they were pretty keen to spend taxpayer money on advertising those campaigns, ‘Stop the spread,’” the 47-year-old Brand said. “I mean, it was at a point where it was tantamount to kicking a grandmother into a ditch to not be vaccinated every hour on the hour.”

He went on to remind viewers of Biden’s characterization of the crisis as a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” and his Herculean advertising efforts for getting vaccinated.

“Like you’re sort of invited to forget that these things ever happened,” he added. “What they want is for us to just put it behind us. Like there was no rhetoric around it. That there was no persuasion … get it, get it, blame, shame.”

“Now, no f***ing evidence. Pharmaceutical miscalculation …” Brand said, adding that he believed it “was really used as an opportunity to divide people.”

“And something like COVID passports now, well, what was that about?” he continued. “What possible benefit is there to a COVID passport. Why are there traveling restrictions placed on unvaccinated people when we cannot demonstrate the vaccine stops the spread?”

“How can you make any argument now that it was anything other than an opportunity to generate profit,” he concluded. “And an opportunity to introduce regulation.”

Russell Brand voiced the same concerns that millions of Americans have had about how the COVID pandemic was since the beginning.

And the people deserve answers.

Stay tuned to DC Daily Journal.

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