Pope Francis rushed to the hospital for major operation

The Catholic Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis, has had several major health issues. But they aren’t over just yet.

Because now Pope Francis has been rushed to the hospital for a major operation.

The Vatican has announced that on Wednesday afternoon, Pope Francis would have stomach surgery at A. Gemelli University Hospital in Rome. He will need to recuperate in the hospital for a while.

According to Vatican News, the official news portal of the Holy See, the Pope will have “a laparotomy and abdominal wall surgery under general anesthesia.” Laparotomy is a medical term for an abdominal incision.

On the Wednesday before he was admitted to the hospital, Francis held a general audience in St. Peter’s Square, the Vatican, where he spoke to a vast throng. The Pope utilized a cane during some of his visit, but he also greeted onlookers and believers from a wheelchair before being wheeled away in the Popemobile.

Francis made a surprise visit to Gemelli Hospital on Tuesday after the Pope reported of abdominal pain and was evaluated by his medical staff and doctors.

“Due to an incisional laparocele (hernia) that is causing recurrent, painful, and worsening sub-occlusive syndromes,” the Vatican publicity office explained, “surgical intervention was deemed necessary.”

Scar tissue complications, such as incisional laparoceles, are not uncommon following abdominal surgery. Subocclusive syndrome is used to describe intestinal obstruction, which is at hand.

Francis is undergoing the surgical procedure almost two years after having abdominal surgery to remove half of his colon. The Pope spent 10 days in the hospital due to his treatment, and he later said that the worst part was having to undergo general anesthesia.

The Vatican has stated that Francis will undergo surgery under general anesthesia on Wednesday and that he would likely spend many days in the hospital.

In the spring, the Pope was treated at Gemelli Hospital for four days due to bronchitis-related respiratory issues.

This latest hospitalization for Pope Francis comes roughly a month before his trip to Portugal for a five-day trip in celebration of World Youth Day.

Francis, at 86 years old, has recently marked ten years at the helm of Catholics everywhere.

Pope Francis is one of the oldest individuals to begin his Papacy, which he did at the age of 76 years and 3 months old.

He entered his Papacy with a number of lingering health issues, concerning dedicated Catholics around the world.

Towards the beginning of his office, he was met with quite a bit of controversy as some more traditionally conservative Catholics believed he was making dubious decisions that catered to a growing trend of “progressivism” in the Church, specifically in Europe.

However, as of late, Francis has been unwavering on major issues as he’s insisted that it is anathema to be in support of any political policy peddling abortion as well as the fact that the Bible and Church tradition is quite clear that same-sex marriage is a sin.

Any time an individual as old as Francis needs to undergo surgery, coming out of anesthesia is the most pressing concern because the body can easily fall into a coma, which is why Francis said that is what he is most concerned about as well.

Surely he will be under the best care that modern medicine can muster, but we will be sure to keep you updated on any developments with regards to Pope Francis’ surgery and health.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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