Ron DeSantis couldn’t believe what CNN just said about him on live television


Democrats have Ron DeSantis in their sights from here on out. That’s because he’s a major threat to their radical agenda.

But Ron DeSantis couldn’t believe what CNN just said about him on live television.

Democrats and the corporate-controlled media were actively politicking Hurricane Ian before it hit Florida.

They want to leverage Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s mistakes to make the hurricane into his Katrina.

The corporate-controlled media attempted to stir up false controversy by asserting, for example, that the evacuation order for Lee County, which was severely damaged by the hurricane, was incorrectly postponed because one uninhabited barrier island was in its route.

But none of the assaults on DeSantis were successful.

In the wake of Hurricane Ian, the governor of Florida demonstrated remarkable leadership and silenced his detractors in the media.

Electricity was rapidly restored during one of the greatest hurricanes in state history, and bridges were reconstructed without delay.

President Joe Biden, a longtime opponent of DeSantis, said that he handled the crisis well.

“What the Governor’s done is pretty remarkable,” Biden said. “I think he’s done a good job.”

And now CNN is breaking terrible news to Democrats regarding Biden’s enthusiastic support of DeSantis.

In the run-up to the November election for governor, Democrat Charlie Crist was preparing to use Hurricane Ian as a political tool against Republican Ron DeSantis.

Crist intended to draw attention to DeSantis’ votes against “climate change,” “property insurance,” and the timing of the Lee County evacuation order.

Florida Democrats and the Crist campaign promoted a false local TV report that claimed DeSantis was on the ground assessing the damage, preventing Floridians from receiving relief in storm-damaged areas.

According to CNN, Crist’s plan to criticize DeSantis over Hurricane Ian was “closed the door” by Biden’s endorsement of the governor.

Biden “closed the door to that,” according to a Florida Democratic strategist, who spoke to CNN.

“The dynamics of the race needed to shift, and this was an opportunity for it to shift,” the strategist claimed.

“The President complimenting the Governor takes that whole issue off the table.”

Charlie Crist’s campaign to unseat DeSantis was already going to be difficult.

His willingness to politicize a natural tragedy in order to attack his political rival shows how desperate and nasty he is.

Sean Shaw, a former state representative for the Democrats in Florida, claimed that Democrats are in a panic over how Biden’s support for DeSantis could hurt Crist.

Democrats made every effort to exploit Hurricane Ian as leverage against Ron DeSantis, but their attempts to discredit the governor of Florida once more failed.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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