The Democrats’ darkest scheme just got leaked

Pride Liberation Project

Democrats have a deep history of breaking the law behind the curtain. But nothing like this.

And now the Democrats’ darkest scheme just got leaked.

Democrats have made it point to pervert any sense of innocence in children for decades.

The idea of traditional moral values based on the founding principles of America is something they hate with every fiber of their being.

And nowhere is this more obvious than in their pushing of radical LGBT and gender ideology propaganda.

Instead of learning fractions and the history of this country, the Left would rather talk to your children about sex and how to mutilate their bodies.

The idea of boys being be boys and girls being girls is now a controversial statement in the banana republic the Left has created.

And now one Democrat group is going so far as to financing children to runaway from their parents.

As the Daily Wire reports, a Virginia pro-trans group with Democratic ties has announced it will help gender-confused students leave their families and “rehome” them with “queer friendly” guardians instead.

The Pride Liberation Project, which has made headlines recently for encouraging Virginia high schoolers to walk out in opposition to a policy that would prevent educators from keeping a student’s “gender transition” from their parents, is also giving away money to students who run away from their families.

In an internal message board labelled “#resources-for-outed-students,” the group said they would actively encourage students to run away and hide from their parents if they weren’t supportive of their decision to deny their biological sex.

“We’re creating this channel as a way for everyone to understand the mutual aid and support resources the PLP has available for outed and in-crisis students! For full transparency, this channel is catered to outed students who are facing familial rejection or need to leave their home for another reason,” Aaryan Rawal, a college student who worked for a Virginia Democrat state lawmaker, wrote about the channel.

“In the event of you needing to leave your home, we can provide you with emergency housing from a supportive, Queer friendly adult,” he continued, cautioning: “Please note that this adult will likely be white.”

So not only is this group actively endangering children by housing them with strangers who support deviant sexual behavior, they are also racially profiling their own groomers.

“We may not be able to provide you that housing the same night, but we anticipate that we can secure someone to take you in within 1-2 days, and we will work with other supportive adult organizations in the region to find you someone who can provide you a kind and affirming home,” he added.

And in the event that the child can’t make it to the house of their would-be victimizer, the organization made clear they have the funds to pay for transportation.

“We can pay for Ubers, Lyfts, and other passes if you need to leave immediately. Some students or adults may also be able to come get you individually,” Rawal wrote.

The group also said they would help falsify documentation to ensure their activities are hidden from their parents saying, “if you attend an event or protest, we can work with you to craft a valid, non-Queer reason for you to have been there. Sometimes this may be a bit challenging, but we can use official sounding non-Queer related email addresses, email addresses from prestigious universities, and other resources.”

This is where we are at in this nation.

Republicans who want to keep more of their paycheck, practice their religion, and not have their kids brainwashed and thrown at the mercy of groomers are the extremists.

Meanwhile Democrats and their gaggle of confuses LGBT and gender ideologues are hailed as paragons of virtue for wanting to kidnap your children and teach them to cut their genitals off.

God help us.

Stay tuned to DC Daily Journal.

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