You won’t believe who just got censored by Big Tech


Everyone who pays attention knows Big Tech companies have been silencing conservative voices for years now.

If conservatives even remotely step out of line with the narrative supported by Big Tech elites, they are given the axe from their platform. And Big Tech’s Orwellian censors are stepping up their campaign against this conservative superstar.

Whether it’s suspending conservative accounts, shadow-banning conservative content, or outright banning former president Donald Trump from Twitter, Big Tech is at war with the Right.

Anything that goes against the accepted Leftist talking points is now labelled as hate speech or “misinformation.”

And Steven Crowder, host of the incredibly popular “Louder with Crowder” show, is feeling the ire of the Left.

In a recent episode of his show, Crowder interviewed Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

Lake, who is running for governor in Arizona, has refused to condemn Donald Trump and hasn’t backed down from Democrat attacks on her support of shutting down the southern border.

But what should have been a normal interview resulted in the video immediately being removed from YouTube’s platform due to the site’s, “misinformation policy.”

What’s more, Louder with Crowder has been thrown in YouTube jail and is unable to live stream for the next two weeks.

The Democrats and their pals in Big Tech know their ideas are indefensible.

That’s why they will do anything and everything to prevent conservatives who push back against their radical agenda from speaking out.

While YouTube hasn’t provided a reason for their removal of Crowder’s video and suspension of his ability to live stream, Crowder has already hired a lawyer to investigate.

And it’s no coincidence that it’s being done to a Crowder after interviewing a candidate endorsed by Donald Trump with only a months before the general election.

As the days tick down until November, you can expect more and more conservatives to “disappear” online thanks to Big Tech’s war on truth.

The way we fight back is by staying tuned to conservative outlets like the DC Daily Journal.

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