Assassination plot uncovered involving three presidential candidates

Running for office has its risks. But no one ever expected this.

And an assassination plot was uncovered that involved three presidential candidates.

Last week, disaster was avoided after a man from New Hampshire was arrested for allegedly sending death threats through text message to Vivek Ramaswamy’s campaign.

Tyler Anderson, 30-years-old, received a text message from Ramaswamy’s campaign about an event in the Granite State.

“Great, another opportunity for me to bl*w [Ramaswamy’s] brains out!” Anderson’s reply allegedly read.

“I’m going to k*ll everyone who attends and then f*** their corpses.”

Those messages led to his arrest on December 9th. Thankfully, no one was injured after he made the threats and the Ramaswamy campaign was vigilant in making sure the threat was taken seriously by law enforcement.

But last Thursday, Anderson was officially charged with making threats to two other presidential candidates as well.

On November 22, he allegedly sent a candidate a message in which he threatened to “impale” and “disembowel” them.

On December 6, he sent a message to another candidate saying, “now I know where to go so I can blow that b*stard’s head off,” while also adding “Hope you have the stamina for a mass sh**ting!”

The candidates that Anderson sent the messages to have not been identified.

However, his December 6 threat is considered to be targeted towards former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, because the original text message that Anderson received and subsequently responded to, had slogans that are affiliated with Christie’s campaign.

Anderson was released last week on bail with the judge agreeing with his defense lawyers that he was not planning to follow through on any of the threats.

The judge wants him to now enter a mental health program, take medication for his mental health, avoid being in contact with any presidential candidates, and obtain from possessing any kind of weapon.

Attorney General Merrick Garland responded to Anderson’s charges, saying, “We have seen an increase in threats of violence against public officials and those seeking public office across the country, and I have made clear that these types of illegal threats undermine the function of our democracy.”

“We will not tolerate illegal threats of violence directed at public officials or those seeking public office.”

Anderson will appear again in court in January.

His court date will occur only a few days before New Hampshire’s presidential primary.

Regardless of party affiliation, no presidential candidate deserves to be sent any sort of death threat. It’s good to see that law enforcement are handling these threats properly.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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