Biden’s alarming mental episode caught on camera

Joe Biden

Concerns over Biden’s physical and mental health have been circulating for years. Now we have undeniable proof.

And Biden’s alarming mental episode was just caught on camera.

The problem with Joe Biden and the question of his mental competence is that he built his career on lies.

Back in the 1980s, he bragged about how he attended law school at Syracuse University on a full academic scholarship, that he had been named the outstanding student in the political science department as an undergraduate at the University of Delaware, and that he had graduated from Delaware with three undergraduate degrees.

All of these claims turned out to be false.

Now when he lies, people aren’t sure if he’s losing his mind or just deliberately deceiving them.

And he has people scratching their heads once again.

President Biden faced mockery and skepticism on social media after he told a crowd on Tuesday that he watched a bridge collapse in Pittsburgh last year.

Biden was touting his economic policies during a stop at Ingeteam, a wind turbine generator manufacturer in Milwaukee, when he brought up the 2022 collapse. “A lot of you were with me when I was in Pittsburgh,” he told the crowd. “By the way, Pittsburgh is a city of bridges – more bridges in Pittsburgh than any other city in America.”

He went on to claim, “I watched that bridge collapse,” and added, “I got there and saw it collapse with over 200 feet off the ground going over a valley. It collapsed. Thank God school was out during the pandemic.”

A video of Biden’s comments went viral on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Must have happened during one of his long-haul trucking routes,” former congressional candidate David Giglio wrote, recalling another Biden tall tale.

Washington Times White House correspondent Paul Bedard wrote to correct the record, “He showed up hours later since he was in town on an infrastructure mission…”

Battleground podcast host Sean Parnell was aghast at the president’s statements.

“I can assure you Biden did not personally watch a bridge collapse here in Pittsburgh,” he wrote. “My lord…”

“Another day another lie… why is this tolerated,” Outkick broadcaster Dan Dakich wrote.

“He literally can’t get through a speech without objectively lying,” viral conservative personality Sunny McSunnyface wrote. “If only there was some kind of tracker that could track these presidential lies, [CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale] et al.”

“Incredible how often he lies,” PGA Tour golfer Hunter Mahan wrote.

“Realistically not a ‘gotcha’… Joe has been making up his own reality for 50 years in public life only to keep moving ahead… ’top of my class,’” Futures Edge Podcast host Jim Iuorio wrote.

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