Bill Barr stuns everyone with unthinkable statement about Trump

William Barr

All eyes are on the Trump indictment fiasco. The future of the country is hanging in the balance.

And Bill Barr stunned everyone with an unthinkable statement about Trump.

Ever since Trump left the Oval Office, many of his allies have turned their backs on him.

First, it was Mike Pence who now says Trump “should never be president again.”

It could be that he’s just trying to help his own campaign, but it very likely is how he genuinely feels.

Now Trump’s old attorney is betraying him.

Former Attorney General Bill Barr was asked on Thursday to comment on whether the investigations involving his former employer, former President Donald Trump, amounted to election meddling.

“Now, you can argue about whether he should have been charged and so forth,” said Barr, “but the idea that this is interfering with the election is simply wrong.”

Barr, who has sparred with Trump on multiple times but has defended him in two of the four criminal cases brought against him, made the statements during a Fox News interview with John Roberts when asked about “the legal trials and tribulations” of his former employer.

“I wanted to ask you about the legal trials and tribulations of your former boss now that Judge Tanya Chutkan has set March 4, the day before Super Tuesday, as the day for the president’s trial on the election to begin here in Washington, D.C.,” Roberts said.

“I guess a lot of the momentum in the primary season will have already been established. But Super Tuesday is very important. And Trump supporters say this is all political. This is meant to disrupt the primary.”

Roberts then presented a video clip of Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie discussing whether the investigations amount to election meddling.

“What interferes with the primary process is Donald Trump’s conduct, and his insistence on continuing to run for President of the United States, despite the fact that he’s been indicted in four different jurisdictions, and is out on bail in four different jurisdictions in this country, whether you believe the charges are just or not, they are here,” Christie, a vocal critic of Trump, said in the clip.

Barr stated that he believes “the governor is right.”

“The basic principle in the criminal justice system is if a prominent person commits a crime, and is seeking office, that doesn’t give him immunity,” said Barr.

“If there’s enough time to have it resolved before the election, it should be resolved. The idea that ‘oh, okay, well, I’m sorry, we’ll let you run in the election and then after we’ll address it,’ that’s not a principle of the criminal [justice system].”

Barr described the concept of blanket immunity for candidates as “silly,” adding, “Now, you can argue about whether he should have been charged and so forth, but the idea that this is interfering with the election is simply wrong.”

Biden and the Democrats harass the leading Republican candidate with lawsuit after lawsuit, and Barr doesn’t think that’s interference.

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