Bill Clinton and Barack Obama’s 2024 declaration takes Joe Biden by surprise

The 2024 election cycle is as important as they come. It’s already been full of surprises.

And now Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have a 2024 declaration that Joe Biden never saw coming.

In March in New York City, former Democrat Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama will attend a reelection campaign fundraiser hosted by President Joe Biden.

Even though Biden is set to attend three smaller fundraisers in New York City on March 28, he and his Democratic predecessors hyped the event on X Tuesday, the day before.

“Folks – I’ll be in NYC on March 28th to support @JoeBiden. Who’s coming with me? Chip in for your chance to join,” Obama shared on X as he promoted the Biden-Harris campaign asking for donations.

Clinton playfully retorted.

“Count me in,” Bill Clinton responded. “Who else is going to be there?”

Indeed, Biden joined in on the satire as well.

“You guys know you can just call me next time, right?” Joe Biden said on X.

Unlike the president’s usual campaign events, where small groups of contributors and supporters gather throughout the nation, this fundraiser is anticipated to be far bigger.

According to his campaign staff, however, the location is still up in the air.

Efforts to raise money for Biden’s reelection campaign have been stepped up since December. Donations to his campaign hit a record high last month, surpassing even the amount collected in April 2023.

On Wednesday, the president is scheduled to touch down in New York City for three smaller events. However, two pro-Palestinian organizations have already begun organizing protests in anticipation of his trip, citing his backing for Israel’s war against Hamas.

Protests against U.S. backing for the Israeli government by anti-Israel activists have been commonplace at recent campaign rallies.

To drive home their message, protesters at various events would cut off Biden mid-sentence.

Based on their reporting, the president, the Democratic National Committee, and their linked companies raised over $97 million in the last quarter of 2023 and had a total of $117 million on hand at the end of the year.

Ex-President Donald Trump, who is expected to fight Joe Biden in the general election, raised $130 million during the same time period but ended up with $42 million in the bank by the end of 2023 as a result of expenditures largely related to legal defense for the former president.

Support from former President Barack Obama has been hard to come by for the Biden regime. News reports over the past six months have demonstrated how upset Barack Obama is with the Joe Biden team in general. He believes that Trump would likely win the presidential election if it were held today.

There was even a report that the Obama and Biden teams wouldn’t talk to each other at a general Democrat fundraiser late last year.

With Obama signaling more support for Joe Biden, it may be that he is now of the opinion that Biden is their last chance to beat Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election.

If that’s the case, Donald Trump is likely cheering. He leads Joe Biden in all the major national polls by anywhere from six to ten points, making a Joe Biden win extremely unlikely at this point in time.

Anything can change, but right now Donald Trump and company are poised for a big November this year.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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