Bill Clinton reveals Hillary’s one secret that explains everything

The Clinton family has been plaguing politics for decades. Now all of it is laid open.

Because Bill Clinton revealed Hillary’s one secret that explains everything.

Hillary Clinton’s inability to run a successful presidential campaign is laughable.

She tries and tries, and she always fails.

And her husband exposed the reason behind it.

Former President Bill Clinton had a few choice words about his wife Hillary’s disastrous efforts during the 2016 election cycle, according to a new book.

According to a passage in The Intercept’s Ryan Grim’s book The Squad: AOC and the Hope of a Political Revolution, which was released last week, the former president allegedly ripped into his wife’s campaign for being ineffective communicators, specifically saying they couldn’t sell “p—- on a troop train.”

We’ll let your imagination fill in the blank.

Bill Clinton’s purported statement to a close confidante in the fall of 2016 strangely came to light as Democrats apparently sought Hillary to help with Biden’s re-election efforts.

Grim appears to be the first to disclose the remarks in a section of his book assessing her campaign and then-Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (VT) communication skills.

“Former president Bill Clinton, surveying the landscape and the ham-handed efforts at identity politics, was bereft, lamenting to a longtime friend in the fall of 2016 that Hillary’s campaign ‘could not sell p—- on a troop train,'” he wrote in the book.

This was not, however, the first time Bill Clinton supposedly scolded Hillary’s campaign. According to another book, he advised them not to disregard swing states.

During the election, however, Bill apparently asked Hillary’s campaign not to overlook certain places, requests that “fell on deaf ears,” according to ABC News.

The accusation was made by journalists Amie Parnes and Jonathan Allen in their 2017 book Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign, which drew criticism from former Hillary workers.

“He thought, these eggheads don’t really know politics. They don’t understand persuasion,” Allen said during an ABC News podcast at the time of the book’s release, adding that Bill advised Hillary’s campaign to visit suburban and rural areas where Hillary likely would not garner most of the votes.

“He knew there was some power just in showing up,” he added.

Moreover, despite Hillary’s defeat in 2016, Democrats are reportedly bringing her in to help President Biden’s re-election campaign.

According to NBC News, she threw a fundraiser for Biden at her Georgetown home last month, raising about $1 million.

Her appeal to women and key members of the Democratic base are seen as positives for Biden as he strives to broaden his voter outreach.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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