CNN is in total chaos after Joe Biden made this slip of the tongue

The Left-leaning news outlets have been running cover for Democrats for years. But they don’t know how to spin it this time.

And CNN is in total chaos after Joe Biden made this slip of the tongue.

CNN host Jake Tapper was taken aback by President Biden’s statement that he was “not sure” he would run if Donald Trump did not, calling it a “stunning admission.”

“If Trump wasn’t running, I’m not sure I’d be running,” Biden said at a fundraiser at a private home near Boston, Massachusetts.

Tapper called it a “stunning admission,” and he also asked CNN political director David Chalian about it.

“What we’re seeing here is a real, clearly defined rationale for Biden pursuing re-election despite his current political standing, which is not that great in the polls, obviously, the conversation about his age, and concern among Democrats if he is the best candidate to put forward,” Chalian said.

Chalian also expressed concern about what Biden may do if Trump does not become the candidate.

“Does that mean President Biden’s going to reconsider the re-election effort if that is the key rationale for his running?” he asked. Tapper wondered if this was the kind of admission the president should be making.

“It clearly will provide Donald Trump an opportunity here to talk about Joe Biden being more focused on him than anything else,” Chalian said.

“But I think if Joe Biden’s critical mission this time is starting to piece back his coalition of voters, some of which he has seen a diminishing support — reminding those voters of the contrast with Donald Trump, and that Donald Trump is the target here, could help rally the troops, if you will.”

Tapper also questioned Michael La Rosa, a former special assistant to Biden, if the president’s admission to individuals outside the White House surprised him.

“The guy has been trying to run for president his entire life, I don’t believe he would be willingly giving up the presidency on his own if it were not Donald Trump, however, I would like to see him start being more candid in public. I think these news-making events through pool reports are a little bit weak. He needs to start being candid with everybody,” he said.

La Rosa also questioned the White House’s strategy if the GOP nominee turned out to be former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

“I don’t know if any Democrat, including the White House, wants that contrast,” he said.

Politico’s daily Playbook claimed it was “ill-advised.”

“It’s a line that echoes his rationale for running in 2020 but hits completely different four years later, with his approval ratings in the tank and many Democratic honchos — not to mention voters — wary of his capabilities at age 81,” the Playbook authors wrote.

Later that day, reporters asked Biden if he would run if Trump did not.

“I expect so, but look. He is running and I have to run,” Biden said.

The president also stated that if Trump withdraws from the campaign, he will not.

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