Donald Trump is about to go to war with a Leftist billionaire trying to control the 2024 election

Everyone in the political class gets their power from somewhere. Most of the time it’s rich elites.

And now Donald Trump is preparing to go to war with this Leftist billionaire who’s trying to control the 2024 election.

Restoration of America reports that Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, has joined the ranks of left-wing billionaire George Soros as one of the most frequent donors to Democrat and anti-Trump campaigns.

According to Restoration of America’s newly released report, “The Soros Of Silicon Valley: Reid Hoffman’s Millions For Democrat Activism,” Hoffman has utilized his wealth to support political initiatives that aim to harm former President Donald Trump. Soros, who has funneled enormous sums of money into Democratic groups and candidates, is compared to Hoffman in the article.

The study claims that “America’s ‘progressive’ revolution” has “no shortage of leftist mega-donors” to finance it. “Meet the newest billionaire backing it: Reid Hoffman, whose campaign to destroy Donald Trump is matched only by the scale of his #MeToo hypocrisy.”

According to their website, the Republican Accountability PAC sought to distance the Republican Party from former President Donald Trump; in 2023, Hoffman gave $4 million to this cause. The purpose of the political action committee is to “elevate the voices of Trump voters who agree that it is time for the party to move on from the former president.”

Unite the Country, a PAC that backed Vice President Joe Biden’s 2020 run against Trump, received $1.5 million from the billionaire in 2020, as disclosed on the organization’s website.

Tax documents show that in 2020, the anti-Trump group Integrity First for America — which Hoffman strongly supports — contributed $620,000 to Fusion GPS’ legal defense fund. Fusion GPS was the opposition research firm responsible for the controversial Steele dossier about Trump. Integrity First for America contributed to the litigation fund of Bean LLC, Fusion GPS’ holding company, in 2018, although it is unclear if Hoffman actually funded Fusion’s legal fees.

According to a tax filing, the Open Society Policy Center — supported by Soros’ Open Society Foundations — contributed $140 million to nonprofit organizations in 2021. The Washington Post reports that Soros was the largest individual donor to Democratic groups in the 2022 midterm election season, with contributions totaling over $128 million.

In 2021, Hoffman and Soros formed a partnership to finance Good Information Inc. The company’s LinkedIn page states that its mission is “to invest in, incubate and scale new business models and smart distribution strategies that are capable of breaking through echo chambers and information silos to reach consumers with trusted information.”

After supporting a “highly disturbing” operation that spread disinformation during the 2017 Alabama special election — in which Democratic Alabama Senator Doug Jones narrowly defeated Republican Judge Roy Moore for a Senate seat — Hofman issued an apology in December 2018. Creating fictitious internet identities with the intent of making it appear in national news that Russia favored Republicans over Democrats was part of the initiative.

“It would’ve been impossible without Hoffman’s money,” the report from Restoration of America states.

“This Election Day: What’s the worst that could happen?” is the heading of a political cartoon that Hoffman published on his blog in October 2016. The article highlights the cartoon and claims that Hoffman has “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” Among the depictions in the cartoon were “a reporter silenced, protesters quashed, a loaded gun, drowning polar bears, Mexico sealed off by a massive wall, Wall Street in freefall, and women’s ‘glass ceiling’ turned into an impenetrable roof,” as stated in the story.

Additionally, the article has another cartoon that was published on his blog in October 2016. This cartoon poses the question, “What should Trump be for Halloween?” The selections involved “a witch (‘because he conjures conspiracy theories to undermine society’), a werewolf (‘because of his late-night howling on Twitter’), and other monsters,” the article indicates.

Reelecting Trump, according to Hoffman’s 2020 blog post, would result in “more death,” as the article emphasizes. “Trump is never going to get tired of losing this election,” he said in his after-election post.

According to the claim, Hoffman is also connected to the infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. In a fundraising tour for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), he reportedly stopped at Epstein’s island.

Reportedly, Hoffamn “planned to return later that year and then fly with Epstein to his Manhattan townhouse in December, then attend a ‘breakfast party’ the following morning with Epstein and Bill Gates,” according to Restoration of America. In 2015, Hoffman allegedly hosted Epstein at a private gathering in Palo Alto with Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Peter Thiel, and that was his last contact with the pedophile. Upon the revelation of the incident four years later, Thiel and Musk chose to separate themselves from Epstein, but Hoffman allegedly chose not to do so.

Nevertheless, the article states that Hoffman spoke out against sexual predators in the early days of the #MeToo movement in 2017. According to the article, Hoffman’s actions reveal his “hypocrisy” as he had previously demanded a “decency pledge” from the venture capital sector in reaction to allegations of sexual harassment.

In April, the attorneys for the former president wrote a letter to Judge Lewis Kaplan of the Southern District of New York asserting that Hoffman had also funded the r*pe case against Trump brought by former Elle magazine columnist E. Jean Carroll. After Carroll claimed that Trump denied r*ping her in a dressing room at the Bergdorf Goodman department shop in the mid-1990s, she claimed that Trump defamed her.

The report concludes by noting that modern billionaires like Hoffman and Soros try to fashion themselves out to be similar to historically great businessmen and philanthropists like Rockefeller of the 19th and 20th centuries. However, their real intention is to use their great wealth to directly manipulate society in any way they can.

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