Donald Trump just exposed his first 2024 Republican challenger

Former President Trump shot out of the gate early when he announced his candidacy last year. Now the opposition is starting to file in.

And Donald Trump just exposed his first 2024 Republican challenger.

Ever since the 2020 election debacle, Donald Trump has been working behind the scenes to retake the Oval Office.

With Joe Biden struggling to perform his duties and garnering terrible approval ratings, Trump sees it as his time to strike.

The only challenging part of the whole campaign will be if he faces a strong opponent in the Republican primary.

And we just got our first contender.

According to South Carolina’s Post & Courier, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is entering the 2024 presidential race and will publicly launch her candidacy on February 15.

Haley is apparently sending invitations to her supporters for a “special announcement” at The Shed Downtown at the Charleston Visitor Center in downtown Charleston, where she will officially launch her candidacy.

According to the Post and Courier, a “member of Haley’s inner circle” verified Haley’s entry into the 2024 campaign.

The news of Haley’s presidential bid comes less than two weeks after she told Fox News’ Bret Baier that she feels she can lead America in a “new direction.”

“When you’re looking at a run for president, you look at two things: You first look at, does the current situation push for new leadership? The second question is, ‘Am I that person that could be that new leader?’” Haley stated.

Haley will be the second Republican to enter the 2024 presidential election, following former President Donald Trump.

The story also comes after Mike Pompeo’s new memoir revealed that Haley “played” Trump’s former chief of staff and conspired with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump to become Trump’s vice president.

Pompeo’s assertions, on the other hand, were dismissed by Haley as “lies and gossip to sell a book.”

Interestingly, Haley previously stated that if Trump declared his third attempt for the presidency, she would not run.

“I would not run if President Trump ran, and I would talk to him about it,” Haley said in 2021. “That’s something we’ll have a conversation about at some point, if that decision is something that has to be made.”

It appears that Haley and Trump had a conversation prior to the announcement of her presidential candidacy.

Over a weekend trip on the campaign trail, which included a stop in Haley’s home state of South Carolina, Trump said Haley called him and spoke about her upcoming candidacy, which he encouraged.”

“I talked to her for a little while. I said, ‘Look, you know, go by your heart if you want to run,’” Trump said. “She called me and said she’d like to consider it, and I said you should do it.”

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