Donald Trump was handed a win that shocked Joe Biden to his core

Donald Trump

Joe Biden thought he could put Trump behind him. That was a huge mistake.

Because Donald Trump was handed a win that’s shocking Joe Biden to his core.

The Democrats have started to realize that they need to keep Donald Trump far away from the 2024 presidential election.

They thought that after 2021 and 2022 went by, that most Americans were done with Donald Trump as well.

But then Trump’s house in Mar-a-Lago was raided in August of 2022, and it immediately set off a firestorm that Joe Biden and the Democrats didn’t see coming.

Trump started getting support from all angles, even from some Democrats, that said that the raid was politically motivated and flat out unconstitutional.

In November, Trump then officially announced his candidacy for President in the 2024 election cycle. Polls showed right off the bat that he was one of the top candidates running for the Republican nomination.

So what did the Democrats do to respond? They indicted Donald Trump, hoping that if they could successfully pull off this Hail Mary, that Trump wouldn’t be able to legitimately run in 2024 if he was convicted of a felony.

But even that has backfired. Trump’s presidential stock has been on the rise and his fundraising campaigns are skyrocketing since the announcement of the indictment charges.

It’s backfired in another critical way, though. Now House Republicans are going to take the fight to the Democrats for their sham indictment trial against Donald Trump.

One of the top conservatives in the House of Representatives, Andy Biggs (R-AZ), has introduced a bill that would force the corrupt Manhattan DA, Alvin Bragg, pay the back the federal government any funds he got after the date of January 1, 2022.

Biggs says this bill (the ALVIN Act) is to hold Bragg accountable for the injustice he’s trying to pull with the Trump indictments.

He also introduced secondary legislation that would make it illegal for corrupt state and local law agencies from being able to use anything received from asset forfeitures to criminally prosecute a president or a candidate running for president.

“District Attorney Alvin Bragg ran on a campaign pledge to indict President Trump. Bragg took the unprecedented action of converting alleged minor business misdemeanors to 34 individual felonies to put President Trump behind bars and humiliate him and his supporters,” Biggs said in an official statement.

Biggs also says that America simply “cannot afford” funding a corrupt DA like Alvin Bragg when America is suffering from immense national debt already.

“… the nation simply cannot afford to support Mr. Bragg’s politicization of the criminal justice system,” Biggs added.

It’s likely this bill doesn’t have legs in the Senate to make it to Joe Biden’s desk, in which case, Biden would simply veto it.

What’s more important than that is the fact that Representatives will be on record voting for or against this bill that would hold corrupt DA’s like Bragg accountable.

That’s critical because the vast majority of Americans agree that the indictment charges are politically motivated.

The Democrats are going to be forced to lie in the bed they’ve made for themselves.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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