Joe Biden took a major gut punch when he got this devastating campaign news

The Biden campaign is falling apart. They may not even make it to the 2024 general election.

Because Joe Biden took a major gut punch when he got this devastating campaign news.

The Democrat Party’s mixed signals on the conflict between Israel and Hamas terrorists in the Middle East are starting to take their toll.

Dozens and dozens of high-profile Democrats all have their fingers pointed at each other arguing that the other is simply not ethical or moral enough to understand why they are right.

Some Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) and Ilhan Omar (MN) argue that Israel is trying to commit mass genocide of Palestinians in the region.

Meanwhile, some others like Senators John Fetterman (PA) and Chuck Schumer (NY) are standing alongside Israel in their defensive fight to maintain democracy in the region against the radical Islamic terrorists in Hamas.

The Biden administration has been somewhat split on this issue. However, the Biden team has largely made it clear that they are going to defend Israel’s right to defend itself and rid the region of Hamas radicals.

This came at the worst time for Joe Biden, though. His approval ratings are already a dumpster fire, and now his remaining support is being cannibalized.

This is evident by a new report that a top Democrat donor who helped Joe Biden back in 2020 is withdrawing support for Joe Biden in 2024 over this issue.

Amed Khan, who was involved in presidential campaign fundraising in 2020, is reportedly quitting the Biden Victory Fund National Finance Committee and will not be attending a donor retreat or White House Christmas parties. According to Khan, the administration’s inaction in pressuring Israel to end the killing of civilians in Gaza is “ethnic cleansing on the way to genocide.”

“This is bullsh*t,” Khan stated to media outlet Politico. “You make moral compromises being involved in politics and ethical shortcuts, but this is just a bridge too far.”

According to Politico, Khan also criticized Biden for being close to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu following the terrorist assault on October 7th by Hamas. Inspiring other Democrats to reconsider the White House’s war strategy is the donor’s goal in taking this action.

“I’m without a home at this point politically,” he declared.

Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib of Michigan has threatened to withdraw support for Biden’s reelection campaign in 2024 in response to the criticisms he has gotten from members of the Left-wing “squad” on his handling of the issue.

Following the terrorist attack by Hamas, the president has backed Israel’s right to self-defense and asked Congress for help for the country. During the three-day truce, which Biden requested from Netanyahu in order to free captives, the United States increased its humanitarian supplies to Gaza.

According to Politico, Hala Hijazi, another Democratic contributor, felt “betrayed” by Biden and has been contemplating cutting ties with the president due to his handling of the Middle Eastern conflict.

Many wealthy backers have actually praised the president’s handling of the war, according to a top Biden campaign aide who told Politico that donors are frequently critical of the administration’s policies and apparently welcome to question them.

“I’m sorry there’s a few folks on the finance committee that are frustrated,” an official on the finance committee shared with the media. “We had the complete opposite. It was people saying to me before I even said anything ‘this is a hard moment for the president and we’re happy with what he’s doing.’”

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