Joe Biden’s reported replacement as President has a scary track record

The rumors that Joe Biden will be tossed aside for the 2024 election are hot. What’s to come could be worse.

Because Joe Biden’s reported replacement as President has a scary track record.

Democrats are extremely scared of what will happen if a vulnerable incumbent like Joe Biden runs against a surging Donald Trump in the general election in November 2024.

So what are they to do? The rumors are pointing at California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) being pegged as the man to step up to the plate.

But that could be a major concern for the average American considering his track record is questionable, at best.

In the dynamic landscape of modern Democratic politics, Gavin Newsom has emerged as a prominent figure, capturing the attention of both his constituents in California and the national political stage. His journey to the forefront of the Democratic Party is marked by a combination of charisma, executive decision-making, and a full embrace of radical progressive values.

Newsom’s political career began in the 1990s when he served on the San Francisco Parking and Traffic Commission. However, it was his election as the Mayor of San Francisco in 2003 that catapulted him onto the national stage.

As mayor, Newsom gained recognition for his progressive policies, particularly his stance on same-sex marriage. In 2004, he directed the city clerk to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, defying state law at the time. This bold move not only aligned with his progressive values but also established Newsom as a leader unafraid to take executive action on divisive issues.

These types of executive decisions would become extremely controversial in the public space. Many Americans grew concerned that he would stop at nothing to get his way with his political “progressive” agenda.

Though, Newsom’s willingness to challenge the status quo within his own party and the broader political landscape distinguished him as a maverick within Democratic politics.

His tenure as mayor also saw a focus on issues like homelessness and affordable housing, showcasing a pragmatic approach to governance. This mix of progressive values and practical governance would become a hallmark of Newsom’s political style.

Newsom’s next significant step on the national stage came with his election as Lieutenant Governor of California in 2010. In this role, he continued to champion radical progressive causes, such as government-controlled healthcare.

However, Newsom’s ascent to the forefront of modern Democratic politics truly gained momentum with his election as the 40th Governor of California in 2018. His campaign focused on a range of progressive issues, from criminal justice reform to universal healthcare.

Importantly, Newsom positioned himself as a vocal opponent of the Trump administration’s policies, appealing to a Democratic base increasingly motivated by opposition to conservative agendas.

Newsom’s leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic further elevated his national profile. California, with its large population and diverse demographics, faced unique challenges during the crisis. Newsom’s decisive actions, including early and strict lockdown measures, earned both praise and criticism. Despite his administration’s lockdown orders, California still saw COVID-19 pass through the state just like everywhere else in the country.

Amidst his governance challenges, Newsom faced a recall election in 2021, driven by dissatisfaction with his pandemic response and other policy decisions. However, he successfully retained his position.

Gavin Newsom’s journey to the forefront of modern Democratic politics can be attributed to his ability to navigate the delicate balance between progressive ideals and pragmatic governance.

His early advocacy for same-sex marriage demonstrated a dedication to a new brand of progressive Democrat politics that remains extremely controversial with the average American voters.

As the Democratic Party continues to evolve, Newsom’s brand of leadership, characterized by a commitment to progressive values, positions him as a significant player in shaping the party’s future.

Critics of Gavin Newsom point out that he’s just another corrupt politician who will do anything to get a hold of power over the American people he’s supposed to represent.

There’s also been growing concerns about his character and integrity considering there are allegedly credible reports that Newsom and his wife have both cheated on each other multiple times.

This is the man the Democrats just might turn to in their time of need, and now conservatives are wondering if it would be better to have Donald Trump rematch against Joe Biden in 2024.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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