Kamala Harris is sick to her stomach after learning about a plot to kick her to the curb

Joe Biden says that he’s sticking by Kamala Harris. But is that actually true?

Because Kamala Harris is sick to her stomach after learning about this plot to kick her to the curb.

The Republican presidential candidates who participated in the last debate were motivated by President Joe Biden’s constantly low poll ratings, and they relentlessly criticized Biden’s ideas and administration. Despite the president’s seeming political vulnerability, he might not be the most at-risk Democrat on the ballot.

Next year, when the Democratic Party delegates meet to choose the presidential and vice presidential nominees, Vice President Kamala Harris may be the one in a more difficult position.

The individual delegates’ votes will be locked through the first ballot and, in certain states, the second and third convention roll calls, since state law will safeguard President Biden once he wins every primary. The candidate for vice president does not receive any such protection. Although the presidential nominee is decided by the people of each state as a whole, the delegates at the convention are the only ones who may decide if the nominee’s running mate is suitable or not.

Anxious delegates may think that the party’s prospects might improve in November if Vice President Kamala Harris were to be replaced, as her popularity ratings have been falling steadily, much worse than President Biden’s normally dismal performance.

Interestingly, there are a lot of similarities between the 1944 and 2024 presidential elections. Is it possible that the 2024 Democratic National Convention will follow the same pattern as the 1944 rally?

The majority of political analysts believe that President Biden will run for re-election and be re-nominated, regardless of his senior age and uncertain health. Nevertheless, securing victory in the general election and serving out another term is anything but guaranteed.

The 1944 Democratic National Convention was held in Chicago in the summer. Next year, where will the Democratic National Convention be held? The Windy City.

There was a belief among Democratic Party officials in 1944 that Vice President Henry Wallace constituted an electoral liability. Historians suggest that the Democrats were extremely worried about losing votes in key states if they were to stick with Henry Wallace.

Similarly, Vice President Harris is likewise seen as a burden on the presidential ticket, as has been made very clear by many high-profile Democrats admitting as much. In less than a year after taking office, her approval rating hit 28%, the lowest of any vice president in the past fifty years.

Net favorability, defined as approval rating minus disapproval rating, for Vice President Harris is at negative 16.3% as of today. In contrast to the 82% of Democrats who have a positive impression of Harris, the politically independents who will be crucial to President Biden’s re-election campaign, have an extremely negative view of her at 70%.

After Vice President Wallace was summarily removed from the ticket in 1944, then-Senator Harry Truman was named the nominee. What reason did the Democrats have to toss Wallace to the wayside? Truman would cause the least amount of damage, according to some American history experts.

Kamala Harris can’t say that she is in a position where she wouldn’t cause political damage to Joe Biden’s ticket in 2024.

A second similarity between 1944 and 2024 is the increasing worry that the president might not make it through another term.

In April 1944, President Roosevelt celebrated his 62nd birthday. The public was purposefully kept in the dark about Roosevelt’s deteriorating health due to political pragmatism and worries about the war. Those close to him, nevertheless, were aware of the truth.

An acquaintance of FDR’s, Ed Flynn, allegedly told Mrs. Roosevelt that her husband “would never survive his term” if he ran for re-election. According to George Allen, who was close to FDR, FDR’s closest supporters “realized that the man nominated to run with Roosevelt would in all probability be the next President….”

Their concerns were valid. After just 82 days in the vice presidency, Harry Truman succeeded Franklin D. Roosevelt as president.

Just last month, President Biden celebrated his 81st birthday. He will be 86-years-old when he leaves office if he wins and stays in office for another term. An actuarial life table prepared for the Social Security Administration indicates that the one-year mortality rate for a man aged 81 is seven percent. For an 86-year-old guy, that likelihood increases to twelve percent.

If President Biden is re-elected, though, his vice president has a real shot of becoming president. It is not necessary for President Biden to pass away in order for his vice president to take over his position; he might resign due to a mental or physical disability.

That fact alone would allow ambitious Democrats to compete for the vice presidential candidacy in 2024, just as they did in 1944. In the 1944 Democratic primary for vice president, Henry Wallace was one of fifteen candidates. Exactly how many individuals will VP Harris have to deal with in the next year?

The end of Harris’s precarious grip on the position might be in sight if the wide field of hopefuls succeeds in preventing her from swiftly gaining the vice presidential designation. Any number of opportunities might materialize from it. Could someone like Michelle Obama or a U.S. Senator like Elizabeth Warren be tapped to take up the role from Kamala Harris?

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