Michelle Obama’s cover has been blown in this wild interview

There’s no more running. The truth about the Obamas has been revealed.

Because Michelle Obama’s cover has been blown when she gave this insane interview.

As they always say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Especially when there’s a lot of smoke.

There’s definitely smoke at the base of the rumors that Joe Biden will not be making it to the general election season to run for a second term as POTUS for the Democrats come November.

Even many Democrat operatives have admitted to the reality that Joe Biden needs to step down and have pointed to individuals like California Governor Gavin Newsom as a potential replacement.

There’s one person who the Democrats really want to run though, because they believe this person would be basically unbeatable in a general election. That is, of course, former First Lady Michelle Obama.

According to Fox News personality Jesse Watters, former First Lady Michelle Obama has been mentioned as a possible Democratic ticket replacement for President Joe Biden.

Reportedly, at a lunch meeting, Barack Obama instructed Biden to take a harder line against Trump, going so far as to propose bringing in a former Obama campaign adviser as a senior strategist. According to the RealClearPolitics aggregate of general election surveys conducted between December 4 and January 2, Trump is 2.2% in front of the incumbent based on overall polling.

“The Obamas say Joe Biden is going to lose, so they’re staging a hostile takeover. Obama world is telling everyone who will listen in Washington that the Biden campaign is complacent, unimaginative, they don’t understand the threat of losing to Trump,” Watters said.

“Team Biden says Biden is way too Zen. I think when he says way too Zen, he means barely alive, but I don’t want to put words in the former president’s mouth.”

The Washington Post is reporting Obama has been visiting Biden to tell him he needs a full overhaul of his campaign,” Watters added. “Obama is pushing Biden to push his political operation outside and beyond his advisors. Translation, Barack and Michelle are taking over, and the media agrees.”

In remarks at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, and at a church in Charleston, South Carolina, which was the scene of a horrific massacre in 2015, Biden slammed Trump and his followers. Following a meeting with historians, the Biden team issued an ad referring to Trump and his followers as an “extremist movement.”

“Biden’s trying to throw Trump in prison the rest of his life, strip his business license strip him off the ballot and just called him a combination of Hitler and King George III and the Obamas think he should go on the attack?” Watters asked.

“I am afraid to ask what this would look like, but if Trump is not damaged goods by the convention, Michelle Obama is presenting herself as plan B.”

News publishers on both ends of the political spectrum have reported that pulling Joe Biden from the race would be a last minute decision if it appears that Joe Biden’s chances are dwindling.

As we head into the primary season, that scenario coming to fruition seems all the more likely. Biden’s approval ratings sit at a laughable average of about 38%, depending on who you ask.

Jesse Waters, as well as many other reporters and journalists, are highlighting that Michelle Obama isn’t so much making vague, broad statements about the political state of America in her interviews.

Rather, Michelle Obama is arguing that they are desparate to beat Donald Trump at all costs and are worried that Joe Biden is not the right person to do so. Especially as the Biden campaign is seemingly ignoring the advice coming from Barack Obama and company.

The Obamas still carry a ton of weight within the Democrat Party. Don’t put it past them to use their political capital to force the Democrat Party’s hand and pull Joe Biden at the last minute to find someone who has a better chance at beating Donald Trump in the general election.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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