Presidential candidate goes on Fox News and puts Sean Hannity to shame

Fox News used to be trusted in conservative circles. But they’ve gone down hill fast.

And now a Presidential candidate went on Fox News and utterly embarrassed Sean Hannity.

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy was interviewed by Sean Hannity of Fox News on Thursday.

Ramaswamy claimed that a candidate for President of the United States who profits “off your time in government” should be disqualified.

Then Hannity cut in: “A lot of folks don’t think you’re qualified since you weren’t even a Republican or voting Republican until what? 2020?”

“Well, Sean, it depends on what your objectives with this interview are,” Ramaswamy said.

He said, “I’m not a partisan hack,” after explaining that he voted for Republicans in 2020 but for a Libertarian in his first election.

Fox News host Sean Hannity went on to say that he would “forgive” Ramaswamy’s “screw-up” before adding, “It sounds to me like you just want to jump from the private sector yourself where you made a lot of money…I actually think the people working in the defense of our country in the defense industry are playing a vital role for the cause of freedom. So I don’t really call it a corrupting influence.”

Responding, Ramaswamy praised his recent interview with Tucker Carlson, saying, “One of the things I loved about that interview with Tucker was we were actually able to have a thoughtful conversation and go deep into issues rather than this kind of political gotchya… You should watch the actual interview.”

Hannity shot back, saying his guest should “praise Tucker all you want,” and he himself got along “great” with Tucker Carlson. “I’ve got nothing but nice things to say.”

Hannity ended the conversation by stating, “Thank you, goodbye…,” after he and Ramaswamy argued over whether or not Ramaswamy tried to dodge the questions Hannity was asking of him.

“I think it’s asinine to think somebody that worked in the defense industry should not be qualified to be president. I think people that never held office — like you — maybe they’re not qualified to be president,” Sean Hannity ended with.

Overall, the back-and-forth was quite annoying to listen to. There’s arguments to be made, for sure, about whether or not those who have enriched themselves off of the government should be allowed to run for President.

Many Americans believe that should be disqualifying because it could create a conflict of interest during the tenure as the President of the United States, the most powerful position in American politics.

But more important than that debate is what Sean Hannity said right at the end of their exchange. He said that he doesn’t think that people who haven’t held public office, like Ramaswamy, should be able to run for President.

Why is that ironic? Is Sean Hannity aware of who he supported in 2016? There was a political outsider who ran then, as well.

His name is Donald Trump. He never held public office before running for President in 2016. In fact, much like Ramaswamy, he was just a businessman who had good ideas to bring to the American people.

So while Sean Hannity wants to sit in front of his Fox News desk and blast Ramaswamy as being “unamerican” because he wants to protect the office of the President from conflicts of interest, he completely forgot about his own hypocrisy and put his foot entirely in his mouth.

Based on how confidently he said that at the end of the exchange too, it doesn’t even seem like he was aware of what he just said. He probably still isn’t.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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