Republicans release video of Joe Biden that shows how far gone he truly is

Joe Biden’s mental state is a real concern. It’s only getting worse.

And now Republicans have released a video of Joe Biden that shows just how far gone he really is.

This past weekend, a new digital campaign was unveiled by the Republican National Committee (RNC). It’s a video that depicts three minutes of President Joe Biden’s countless gaffes.

Many on both the Left and the Right are becoming increasingly concerned about Biden’s age as he approaches a possible showdown with Trump, as Biden just turned 81-years-old in November. In a video labeled “3 Minutes of a Confused Joe Biden,” the Republican National Committee is targeting what seems to be the president’s top vulnerability, his mental state. The segments show him looking confused and disoriented.

“America and our allies are less safe because no one respects Joe Biden,” stated Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, in a prepared statement for the media.

“In three years, the Taliban took over Afghanistan, Russia invaded Ukraine, and Hamas terrorists attacked Israel. Now, eight Americans remain held hostage, Israel is still at war, and our president is dazed and confused. Biden’s weakness has emboldened our enemies, and four more years of failed leadership would only invite further chaos.”

After capturing hundreds of Israelis in its terrorist attack on October 7, Hamas started releasing them during a brief truce in late November. Out of the eight Americans still in Gaza, just four have been liberated thus far.

While ignoring any concerns about Biden’s age, the Democratic National Committee attacked Trump in a statement shared with reporters.

“It’s ironic to see the RNC wasting what little cash they have attacking President Biden’s strong leadership on the world stage when their own leader, Donald Trump, literally cannot stop himself from praising terrorists and parroting Hitler on the campaign trail,” a top DNC official said in a prepared statement. “Voters know who they trust to lead on the global stage – and it isn’t the guy penning love letters to Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping and promising to be a ‘dictator on day one.’ You’ve got to hand it to the GOP: they sure know how to latch on to a losing argument when they see one.”

Polls show that Americans are more worried about the incumbent president’s age and mental sharpness than about Trump, who is dominating the GOP primary field by more than 50 points. This is despite the fact that Trump is just four years Biden’s junior.

When asked who they felt “is mentally up for the job,” Trump had 45% more votes than Biden, according to a Wall Street Journal poll published on December 9. When it came to “physical stamina,” the ex-president was 34 points ahead.

In spite of all these obstacles, Biden still has the support of about 70% of Democratic primary voters, according to the RealClearPolitics (RCP) average. In late October, Democratic Representative Dean Phillips of Minnesota challenged Joe Biden, bringing up issues with the president’s age and electability, along with the overall necessity for alternatives.

While Biden has a 2.3 point nationwide advantage, RCP reports that Trump is ahead in key battleground states like Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

While it’s a fair assessment that the rapidly increasing average age of politicians with significant power in Washington, D.C. is a problem, it’s important to differentiate between those who are up to the task and those who are not.

Anyone with just a hair of honesty and two eyeballs can see that Joe Biden and Donald Trump are not remotely the same in terms of overall mental and physical health.

Democrats and Leftist “progressives” who won’t acknowledge that are simply deceiving themselves and the rest of America by continuing to support Joe Biden no matter what.

The truth is that Joe Biden was a “crack the glass” emergency candidate for the Democrats back during the 2020 election season. They knew they couldn’t have a repeat of the 2016 election cycle by having an unelectable and unlikable candidate lose to Donald Trump yet again.

So they chose Joe Biden and sold him as a moderate who the nation could get behind during those trying times in the year 2020. Of course, as soon as Americans saw just how bad of a president Joe Biden would be, his approval ratings tanked hard. His voters from 2020 are very skeptical about whether he’s up for the task for another four years.

That’s from a competency and health standpoint as well.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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