Rudy Giuliani tried to sell Trump out to the feds and learned a shocking lesson

rudy giuliani

Former Trump ally Rudy Giuliani thought he could hand over Trump and get off scot-free. Oh how wrong he was.

Because Rudy Giuliani is facing major consequences for trying to sellout Donald Trump.

In late June, it was reported that Rudy Giuliani met with federal prosecutors for an interview that lasted hours and hours.

We don’t know exactly what Rudy Giuliani offered Jack Smith and the federal agents investigating Donald Trump over the classified documents case and an alleged scheme to overturn the 2020 election.

It’s possible he was expecting to be able to offer the feds information that would give him a chance at earning immunity.

But that’s not what’s happening according to the latest reports. In fact, Rudy Giuliani is being dragged into the charges being brought against Trump.

Giuliani is pretty upset about this and made this known in an interview with Newsmax.

The former Trump attorney said that he believes Jack Smith is violating Donald Trump’s free speech rights.

“I have a chapter in my book called ‘Stand up to Bullies.’ So here’s what I say to Jack Smith: After the Supreme Court threw out your case, which should have been a disgrace, and you should have gone and found another profession because you don’t belong in this one. This one will be your legacy: violating the right of free speech of an American citizen,” Rudy Giuliani said.

Then he really upped the heat of his rhetoric and started yelling while live on television during the interview.

“It could be anybody. It could be a homeless person! You don’t get to violate people’s First Amendment rights! No matter who the hell you are, no matter how sick you are with ‘Trump derangement syndrome.’ And this isn’t the first time he is acting like an unethical lawyer. It should be the last!”

Rudy Giuliani is assumed by many in the media to be one of the six co-conspirators with Donald Trump and would face potential consequences if found guilty.

Clearly Giuliani is upset about that and is showing it in his appearance on Newsmax.

But this should serve as a lesson for Rudy Giuliani and anyone else that thinks they can cooperate with the feds and cover themselves.

The feds do not care about you or anyone else. They only care about the status quo for the political class and the Deep State.

If Giuliani thought he could get a sweetheart deal with the federal prosecutors in this case because he offered information on Trump, he was dead wrong.

Giuliani is too close to this whole situation for the federal prosecutors to let him off and ride off into the sunset.

Rudy Giuliani says that he doesn’t care about the “bullies” like Jack Smith, but they are certainly getting under his skin.

The only explanation for that is if this has somehow taken a turn he wasn’t expecting. What else would that be other than trying to sell out Donald Trump in hopes of getting case immunity?

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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