The Supreme Court just dealt Democrats a devastating blow

The Left have been gaming the court system for years to push their agenda and punish their opponents. Now a wrench has been thrown in the gears.

Because the Supreme Court just dealt Democrats a devastating blow.

On Wednesday, the Michigan Supreme Court denied a liberal group’s request to remove Donald Trump from the 2024 presidential primary ballot, almost a week after the Colorado Supreme Court denied the former president’s request in a similar case.

The Michigan justices “are not persuaded that the questions presented should be reviewed by this Court,” according to a brief order, rejecting the claim from Free Speech For The People, which wants to disqualify Trump based on the belief that he engaged in an insurgency on January 6, 2021.

The application sought to overturn a ruling by the Michigan Court of Appeals that left the matter of primary ballot access to the Republican Party but declined to rule on whether Trump is qualified to appear on the general election ballot because he did not win the Republican nomination.

One of the Michigan Supreme Court justices, Elizabeth Welch, wrote in an opinion that the lower-court ruling “still allows appellants to renew their legal efforts as to the Michigan general election later in 2024 should Trump become the Republican nominee for President of the United States or seek such office as an independent candidate.”

Free Speech For The People, the Left-wing organization that filed the complaint on behalf of a number of voters with election lawyer Mark Brewer of Goodman Acker P.C., has indicated that it will not back down in its legal efforts to remove Trump from the ballot in Michigan and other states.

The efforts are based on Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which has been widely regarded as an attempt to prevent former Confederate leaders from returning to public office after the Civil War.

“The decision isn’t binding on any court outside Michigan and we continue our current and planned legal actions in other states to enforce Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment against Donald Trump,” said Free Speech For People legal director Ron Fein.

“The Court’s decision is disappointing but we will continue, at a later stage, to seek to uphold this critical constitutional provision designed to protect our republic,” Brewer added in a statement.

“Trump led a rebellion and insurrection against the Constitution when he tried to overturn the 2020 presidential election and he is disqualified from ever seeking or holding public office again.”

Other states have filed Section 3 legal challenges against Trump. A Lawfare tracker reveals that some have been dismissed while others are still underway.

Only the Colorado complaint resulted in Trump’s removal from the primary ballot.

Trump’s campaign promised to “swiftly file an appeal” with the United States Supreme Court.

The Colorado Supreme Court’s decision has been stayed until at least January 4, awaiting further procedures.

“The Michigan Supreme Court has strongly and rightfully denied the Desperate Democrat attempt to take the leading Candidate in the 2024 Presidential Election, me, off the ballot in the Great State of Michigan,” Donald Trump tweeted on Wednesday.

“This pathetic gambit to rig the Election has failed all across the Country, including in States that have historically leaned heavily toward the Democrats. Colorado is the only State to have fallen prey to the scheme.”

And Americans can only hope that Colorado will remain the only state to push this through.

Otherwise, we’re going to be up the creek without a paddle.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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