The White House is panicking after Biden’s 2024 playbook leaked

The aging president can’t catch a break. At every turn, he is fumbling the ball.

And the White House is panicking after Biden’s 2024 playbook leaked.

It looks like Biden has learned his lesson when it comes to fighting in 2024.

He knows that Democrat policies aren’t what the people want.

Instead, he’s ripping a page right out of Trump’s campaign.

President Joe Biden plans to campaign on measures supported by former President Donald Trump, according to a campaign memo revealed Friday.

The campaign memo indicates Biden’s knowledge that Trump’s domestic ideas are winning solutions to problems confronting American workers.

According to the email, Biden will argue for “protecting Social Security and Medicare,” “making the economy work for the middle class,” and putting an insulin cap in place.

Trump safeguarded Social Security and Medicare during his presidency. He repeatedly promises to do so if re-elected.

Trump campaigned for middle-class economic policies such as trade protectionism, immigration restrictions, and deregulation of American energy.

In addition, the former president initiated a plan to cap insulin at $35 per month, a strategy that the Biden memo promoted with polling.

“This will be a very close general election – with a year until November 5, 2024, the fundamentals of this race show our campaign is in a strong position to win,” Joe Biden’s campaign manager, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, said in the memo.

“This early testing with our core constituencies and persuadable targets has found that the policies of the Biden-Harris administration remain popular, and that learning more about these administration accomplishments is effective in persuading key voters,” according to the document.

The memo comes as the Biden team attempts to orient itself ahead of the 2024 race.

The president had a difficult month in October.

His job approval rating among likely voters fell in October, according to a Rasmussen poll released on Thursday, confirming a wave of unfavorable polling for the 80-year-old president.

According to a Gallup poll released last week, Biden’s support rating among Democrats had dropped 11 percentage points in just over a month.

Furthermore, according to a Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) poll, his favorability among Americans is at a four-year low.

The polling looks to reflect the president’s long history of troubles. Inflation remains a major concern, as are rising gas prices and wars in Ukraine and the Middle East, all while migrants pour across the southern border of the United States.

The House impeachment investigation revealed direct financial connections between Joe Biden and his family’s business.

And the evidence that the impeachment investigation found against the president is mounting.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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