This Republican presidential candidate threatened Donald Trump with one horrific act

Former President Trump is the subject of many attacks these days. But this could throw a wrench in his re-election plans.

Because this Republican presidential candidate threatened Donald Trump with one horrific act.

With the second Republican primary debate looming, candidates are looking to get their shots in even before they take the stage.

One candidate who’s especially keen on this, is former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Christie seems to mostly be focused on attacking Donald Trump who doesn’t plan to be at any of the primary debates anytime soon.

In an interview with Meet the Press, NBC’s Kristen Welker asked the former Governor how he plans to make up ground against Trump.

“Former President Trump is solidifying his lead with GOP primary voters. You’ve been in this race since June. Governor, why aren’t you gaining more traction?,” Welker said.

“Look, I know you spent a whole lot of money on national polls, so I don’t mean to go after the polling folks, but the fact is that national polls don’t matter,” Christie said in defense.

“We don’t have a national primary. If you look at Donald Trump in the latest polls in both Iowa and New Hampshire, the two earliest states, he is barely at 40 in Iowa, and he is under 40 at 34 to 38 in New Hampshire.”

Chris Christie continued to explain that New Hampshire looks to be the state where he can really gain ground on Trump.

“In places like New Hampshire, I’m in second place behind Donald Trump. So, you know, this whole race will change when people actually vote. No offense to any poll that comes out now, but if it’s a national poll if we don’t have a national primary,” he said.

And even though he’s way behind in the national polls, the former Governor made a promise in the interview with Kristen Welker that would shake up the race big time for Donald Trump and the rest of the Republican field.

“The whole race will change when Iowa happens, and the race will change in New Hampshire, and I’m telling you that if I beat Donald Trump in New Hampshire, and I plan to do so, that his sense of invincibility and his sense of inevitability will go away,” said Christie.

“There are a lot of Republicans in those numbers, even in your national numbers, who will be with Donald Trump just because they think he really is the only alternative to Joe Biden. When I beat him in New Hampshire, folks will know he’s not the only alternative to Joe Biden.”

Chris Christie is hoping an unexpected victory in New Hampshire will put real pressure on Donald Trump.

These two have been at odds ever since Christie abandoned support for Trump after the events of January 6.

But if the former New Jersey Governor thinks Trump will fold under pressure, he’s got another thing coming.

Donald Trump will almost certainly be the Republican nominee for president in 2024 unless the sky falls.

Chris Christie however has yet to come to grips with that.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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