Top 2024 Republican candidate suddenly pauses campaign

The first Republican debate was less than a week ago. But we’re already seeing major changes.

And now a top 2024 Republican presidential candidate has suddenly paused their campaign.

Due to the impending arrival of Tropical Storm Idalia, Governor Ron DeSantis has decided to send his wife, Casey DeSantis, in his place to attend Rep. Jeff Duncan’s (R-SC) Faith and Freedom BBQ on Monday.

The governor of Florida was scheduled to attend the BBQ and give the keynote speech after a morning of campaigning in South Carolina. Unfortunately, he has had to modify his schedule due to obligations as Governor, and instead of attending Duncan’s event in Kershaw, South Carolina, he has sent Florida’s first lady, Casey DeSantis.

“In light of the approaching hurricane, the Governor will be staying in Florida on Monday to assist with preparations,” DeSantis press secretary Bryan Griffin posted on social media on Sunday.

“First Lady Casey DeSantis will be attending Congressman Jeff Duncan’s Faith and Freedom BBQ in place of the Governor.”

Because of the challenges of running for president while also serving as governor, DeSantis has had to alter his original campaign schedule. DeSantis, at this point in time, needs all the time he can get on the campaign trail as well to keep his hopes alive of beating former President Donald Trump.

On Sunday, reporters inquired as to whether or not the governor would be visiting Florida during the next week. “I’m here. I’m here,” he replied, according ABC News.

“We’re locked in on this. We’re going to get the job done. This is important. So people can rest assured,” DeSantis explained.

According to DeSantis’s Sunday statement, the storm is likely to make landfall in the state on Wednesday, and it may do so as a Category 2 hurricane. After declaring a state of emergency in 33 counties, the governor of Florida called a press conference just one day later to discuss the situation.

Despite recent shifts in the polls, the Florida governor continues to trail former President Donald Trump for the Republican nomination for president.

South Carolina is an important state to win for anyone seeking the Republican nomination for President, and that includes Ron DeSantis.

Not being able to make it to South Carolina is certainly going to be disappointing for his campaign as they seek to supplant Donald Trump in the primaries in South Carolina. Whether that can be done is an entirely different question.

Again, the pausing of DeSantis’s campaign while he deals with the domestic issues that come with a natural disaster in Florida demonstrates how tough it is to run a successful Presidential campaign as a sitting governor.

It used to be fairly common for governors to become President, with 9 previous presidents in American history being elected President even while they were sitting Governors.

But that hasn’t happened since George W. Bush became President. Before him, it was Bill Clinton, and before Clinton, it was Roosevelt.

There’s obviously a huge challenge to being able to pull off a successful presidential campaign while also making sure you don’t sour your reputation in your own state.

It will be interesting to see how DeSantis fares in the coming weeks and months.

Be sure to stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal for major 2024 election updates.

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