Trump’s lawyers left a federal judge speechless with this surprise filing

Trump Speaking

Donald Trump’s indictment trial has barely begun. But Trump’s legal team is 4 steps ahead of everyone.

Because Trump’s lawyers left a federal judge speechless with this surprise filing.

When the Donald Trump indictment trial kicked off, it was all over the news, all day everyday for a couple weeks.

Since then, the media attention has died down, and it may be because the trial is way less interesting than anyone thought it would be.

The reason for that could be because Trump’s legal team is so well prepared that the prosecution may have no real argument at all. The evidence for this is based on the huge filing Trump’s lawyers just made.

Donald Trump’s attorneys said in a court filing on Monday that he should be permitted to discuss the evidence in the criminal case brought against him about a hush payment to an adult content star, especially when others are free to do so.

They said that Trump is the front-runner among the Republican candidates for president but still has a First Amendment right to present his case, “both for his own sake and for the benefit of the voting public.”

The filing was made before of a hearing scheduled for Thursday in state court in Manhattan to determine whether Trump should be limited to utilizing the evidence provided to him by the prosecution only for his defense.

The Manhattan district attorney seeks to prevent Trump from publishing the information on media or social media without obtaining a court order. Trump isn’t anticipated to show up for the session.

A court order limiting Trump’s use of the evidence was requested last week by the prosecution due to his insults on those involved in the case against him. They claimed they intended to reduce the possibility of harassing witnesses and other case participants.

Trump’s defense attorneys pointed out in their Monday brief that two crucial witnesses, adult star Stormy Daniels and former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, had likewise disparaged Trump and “made a living” off of doing so.

They also mentioned that former prosecutor Mark Pomerantz wrote a book on the Trump investigation and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg gave a press conference following Trump’s arraignment last month. They said that both of them have also made disparaging remarks about Trump, with Pomerantz comparing him to a mafia leader.

The attorneys Susan Necheles and Todd Blanche argued, “Trump cannot be the only interested party in this case whose speech about the evidence in the case is restricted by the court.”

A protection order was suggested by the attorneys, which would forbid anyone who gets or examines the materials from reproducing them or sharing them with a third party.

They did not protest a ban on sharing the prosecution’s materials, including evidence, on news and social media sites.

The Trump legal team reminding the court that Trump still have constitutional rights even though he’s a high-profile individual is an important filing.

More and more we’re finding out that the Manhattan DA office may not have much of a case against Donald Trump at all.

They have the burden of substantiating their charges of 34 felony counts against Trump, which many legal experts say is highly unlikely.

The Manhattan DA office is charging felonies on purpose in an attempt to disparage Donald Trump as much as possible, which polls show Americans can see from a mile away.

Losing this court case could still backfire on the Democrats in the end if Trump comes out of this stronger than before.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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