A Clinton advisor just put the nail in the coffin of the Democrat Party

Dick Morris

With a likely red wave incoming at the ballot box this Tuesday, the Democrats are bracing for impact. But it could be worse than they could’ve ever imagined.

That’s because a Clinton advisor just put the nail in the coffin of the Democrat Party.

The polls have been edging in favor of the Republicans for the past few months.

Initially, the U.S. House was supposed to be a tossup for either major Party to control and the Democrats were expected to hold on to the Senate.

Now, Republicans are expected to dominate the U.S. House when all is said and done and they are even favored to carry a majority in the Senate chamber as well.

Several developments in key races in the Senate have led to these changing tides.

The Democrat running for Pennsylvania’s Senate seat, John Fetterman, has been a disaster over the past couple of weeks with his debate performance causing a ton of concern for voters about his ability to serve.

Then, the Republican running for U.S. Senate out of Arizona, Blake Masters, received a full endorsement from the Libertarian candidate who dropped out.

Blake Masters gaining that support from few, but critical Libertarian party voters could be enough to put him over the finish line.

That’s exactly what the former Clinton advisor-turned-Republican Dick Morris believes will happen.

“Let me say that the huge news today is I think the Republican Party clinched control of the U.S. Senate,” Morris told “American Agenda.”

“In Arizona … the Libertarian candidate withdrew from the election and endorsed Masters, the Republican. And to me, that is absolutely the key to this race.”

Morris pointed out that if Masters wins his race, it guarantees the Republicans carry at least 50 seats in the Senate.

But he thinks the Republicans are likely to win much more than just 50 seats in the Senate chamber.

He believes the minimum for the GOP is more like 53.

“But now we have most likely Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada as victories, and possibly New Hampshire, and possibly some others. So I see a minimum at this point of 53 Republican senators.”

It’s hard to imagine Republicans not making it out alive from at least a few of these tight races like Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

The odds are stacked up in the GOP’s favor right now and the Democrats are fully aware of it.

That’s exactly why they’ve been bracing for impact the last few months and playing the damage control game.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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