An Obama official went on CNN and unwittingly exposed the Biden administration


Everyone knows that the Biden admin has been an unmitigated disaster. But now even Democrats are calling them out.

Because an Obama official just went on CNN and stunned everyone when they exposed the Biden administration.

Democrats have minimized the border crisis for the past few years by labeling it a “Republican talking point.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth, but even some Democrats are beginning to realize how chaotic the border is.

John Sandweg, the Obama administration’s acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), is one such leftist.

“Well, the underlying source of all of these problems is we’ve never adequately funded our asylum system to handle the claims,” Sandweg said on CNN’s At This Hour.

But under long-standing American law, if you enter the country, even illegally, and set foot on American soil while making a credible asylum claim, you cannot be deported or removed until an immigration judge finds that your claim is not credible or doesn’t meet the criteria for asylum, he continued.

In a nutshell, Sandweg claims that Americans who come to the country as economic migrants, who are not normally eligible for asylum, are abusing the country’s overburdened asylum system.

Joe Biden is in charge of all of this, but he doesn’t seem to care.

If anything, Joe Biden is doing everything he can to encourage the anarchy that has led to the border crisis.

When it comes to the border and pretty much everything else, Joe Biden is in over his head.

The border problem will worsen unless America changes its border policies as soon as humanly possible.

The first step is to physically fortify the border.

Numerous people, drugs, and weapons are brought into the United States over the Mexican border every day.

America must then resolve the asylum crisis.

People shouldn’t be able to enter the country without a visa and then instantly be granted asylum.

This problem at the Mexican border has been let to linger for far too long by Joe Biden and his Democratic allies, and it may soon spiral out of control.

The southern border and border security were given the importance they deserved by President Donald Trump.

Because they do not want to acknowledge that Trump was correct on anything, Democrats are ignoring this problem altogether for political reasons.

This is outrageous, and Americans from all political stripes must demand reform if they want the current border catastrophe to stop becoming worse.

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