Ana Navarro of The View has a meltdown live on air over Hunter Biden

Navarro can’t help but defend the president’s disgraced son. Even if that means sounding completely unhinged while doing so.

And Ana Navarro of The View has a meltdown live on air over Hunter Biden.

Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, has gotten himself into some real trouble.

He’s currently under investigation by the Republican Party for allegedly using his father’s name in Washington, D.C. to influence and secure business deals.

Ana Navarro, a host on ABC’s The View, believes that because of the GOP’s investigation, Hunter will “go back into addiction.”

Hunter Biden has had a very public battle with drug abuse which has gotten him into legal trouble.

Navarro is afraid that these issues will come back simply because of Republicans doing their job.

“Did he [Hunter Biden] monetize on Joe Biden’s last name? Yes, he did. Did Hunter Biden cheat on his taxes? Yes, he did. So he has admitted it, he paid it back. He paid it back with $600,000 penalty,” Navarro admitted to her co-hosts on an episode of The View.

“Forty-two percent of Americans have people in their family who have dealt with addiction. Hunter Biden is an addict. I’ve had it in my family. It is a constant suffering for the family and you are always afraid even when they’ve left addiction anything can trigger them and get them back in there.”

So are Republicans not supposed to investigate the Bidens, simply because Hunter may slip back into drug addiction?

While it is unfortunate that Hunter Biden has dealt with a severe addiction, that doesn’t mean he has a free pass to break the law and avoid prosecution.

“I agree with Hunter Biden that that’s what they’re trying to do. They are trying to get Hunter Biden to go back into addiction because they know that will paralyze Joe Biden because that is his father, a man who’s already lost two children,” Navarro continued when detailing her theory on the GOP’s motives.

“I think this is going to backfire on Republicans because, yes, Hunter Biden did bad things when he was an addict but enough is enough and they are being cruel and they are going after him just because he is Joe Biden’s son.”

Again, no one is above the law, not even the president’s son.

Sources close to Joe Biden have expressed that he is greatly saddened by his son’s legal woes. But that shouldn’t mean Republicans should take pity on the Biden family.

Just think if Donald Trump Jr. was the one going through this investigation by Democrats instead of Republicans.

Would the Left take pity on Trump Jr.? Or would they convict him without second thought?

Ana Navarro would be all for his conviction and so would the Democrat Party.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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