Appeals Court smacks Joe Biden with sobering reality check

President Biden has a major case before Court right now. It very well might decide his future.

And an Appeals Court just smacked Joe Biden with a sobering reality check.

Federal Judge from Texas, Matthew Kacsmaryk, set the political world on fire when he announced his ruling that the FDA improperly approved the abortion pill mifepristone for widespread use back in the 2000s.

Immediately it put the radical Left on the defensive as they scrambled to find a way to keep the abortion pill on the market in the near future so women could continue to use it to abort their babies without ever needing to go to a doctor.

The Joe Biden White House also came out of the gates swinging Judge Kacsmaryk’s way calling the ruling “unfair” and “unconstitutional,” even though there’s literally nothing in his ruling that was wrong.

The ruling was met with counter rulings from radical Leftist judges who reacted swiftly, and now the who legal issue is making its way through the court system.

It’s expected to eventually make its way to the Supreme Court as it seems like a case that they will need to weigh in on for any clarity to be given to the issue.

And during a recent appellate court hearing, the Biden White House was struck with the reality that they very well might lose this battle.

According to reports, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals made it quite clear that they are perfectly “OK” with upholding the abortion pill restriction ruling from the Texas Federal Judge as they have not found the Biden lawyers from the DOJ to be convincing in their arguments.

Deputy Assistant Attorney General Sarah Harrington said that the abortion pill ruling was “unprecedented” in terms of an “intrusion” of the FDA’s jurisdiction.

But Judge James Ho quickly shot back saying that they were flat out wrong.

“You’ve said ‘unprecedented,'” he said recalling Harrington’s words. “We had a challenge to the FDA just yesterday.”

One of the plaintiffs in the case, the Alliance Defending Freedom, has argued that the case is solely about protecting health standards that America should have when it comes to potentially dangerous drugs like the abortion pill.

“This case is not about ending abortion. It’s about ending a particularly dangerous type of abortion,” said a spokesperson for the ADF.

Outlets have noted that the three-judge panel from the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals seems poised to uphold the ruling against the abortion pill’s approval from the FDA.

Two judges seemed apprehensive to support it in whole, but it the sentiment from the three judges as a whole seemed like they will be upholding at least parts of the original ruling.

This would be a major loss for Joe Biden and the Democrats and a major win for conservatives who have been concerned about the abortion pill for years.

Joe Biden and the Democrats are making the abortion issue a priority for their election cycles, believing that it’s a winning issue for their side.

But regardless of whether it is a winning issue for them, being handed a major court loss on this issue will sour their base for them for the 2024 election cycle.

Especially a Joe Biden administration that has historically low approval ratings from the general American public and even his Leftist base that simply do not want him to run again for a variety of reasons.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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