Biden accused of doing the unthinkable for radical Islamic terrorists

The Biden admin can’t be trusted anymore. They’ve gone too far.

Because Joe Biden’s been accused of doing an unthinkable favor for radical Islamic terrorists.

The Biden administration, according to defense analysts, supported Islamic groups and states that are at war with the United States and its Western allies for a number of years.

The United States, Israel, and other Western allies have been engaged in a protracted confrontation in the Middle East for months now, with the Houthis becoming the target of a first retaliation strike by coalition naval and air forces on Thursday. With relief from sanctions and monetary assistance, the Biden administration’s foreign policy has benefited a number of these Islamic states.

Michael Bars, a former senior communications advisor and National Security Council official in Trump’s administration, shared with reports that the Obama administration’s policies had “deadly consequences” by undermining U.S. and American allies’ tactical security and economic goals in the Middle East.

The Houthis are an example of this; they are an Iranian-backed terrorist organization located in Yemen. Since October 2023, the Houthis have attacked many commercial ships in the Red Sea, seemingly showing their support for Hamas’ conflict with Israel. A naval destroyer resorted to “self-defense” on January 6 after being fired at by the Houthis, and in December, Navy helicopters used similar tactics against the terrorist group during a shootout; U.S. forces in the area have frequently been forced to intervene in such attacks.

As a warning to the Houthis, the United States formed a defensive coalition of Western allies in the area in December. However, the rebel group persisted in its attacks, culminating to recent retaliatory strikes.

In 2021, the Trump administration classified the Houthis as a terrorist group; however, President Joe Biden’s government quickly withdrew that designation upon taking office. Concerned about the potential humanitarian consequences for Yemen, the Biden administration decided to pull the Houthis from the terrorist list.

After being removed from the terror list by the Biden administration in 2021, the Houthis escalated their attacks both within and outside of Yemen. The new aggressiveness of the Houthis has Biden rethinking the idea of re-designating them as a terrorist group.

“A re-designation of the Iran-supported Houthi organization… is long overdue,” stated Matt Zweig, an expert in international defense. “International shipping and U.S. allies and partners in the region have been threatened and attacked for far too long,” Mr. Zweig added.

Iran is largely to blame for the continuing instability in the Middle East; the United States and other Western nations have named Iran the biggest state sponsor of terror in the world. The Houthis, Hezbollah, and Hamas are only a few of the more than a dozen Islamic extremist and terrorist organizations that receive funding and planning from Iran.

Since Biden’s inauguration in 2021, the Biden government has extended many concessions to Iran. In a discrete move, the Trump administration lifted sanctions on oil exports, which had been limiting Iran’s earnings. As of September 2023, Iranian oil shipments had skyrocketed to around 2 million barrels per day, up from 400,000 barrels per day under Trump.

These oil exports bring in billions of dollars for Iran. A recent agreement between Tehran and the Biden administration resulted in the release of $6 billion worth of assets that had been blocked in return for five Americans being held hostage, allowing Tehran to increase its wealth by billions once again. The Biden administration claimed the funds were for humanitarian purposes only, but legislators and critics said this would just give Iran more confidence to attack the United States. Tehran acknowledged publicly that it would use the funds for whatever it wanted.

Further, in November, the sanctions waiver was renewed by the Biden administration, enabling Iran to access $10 billion in energy revenues. The Biden administration reiterated its earlier claims that the funds could only be utilized for humanitarian causes.

Some have argued that this would just free up more of Iran’s cash on hand as all money is fungible, even if it were true that Iran could only use certain funds for humanitarian needs. Iran has a long history of using its financial resources to support terrorist organizations.

According to Gabriel Noronha, a former official from the State Department, Biden has “thrown fuel on the fire” by enriching Iran immensely over the past three years. “That not only emboldened the regime, it enabled them to train, equip, and fund their terror proxies to carry out every single attack we’ve seen in the Middle East over the past three months.”

Iran continues to aggressively target Western allies and has not slowed down its nuclear program. It had enough enriched uranium to build three nuclear bombs when it started speeding up the process again in 2023, after appearing to momentarily slow down earlier in the year due to the $6 billion “ransom” arrangement it needed to strike with the Biden administration.

Another beneficiary of Biden’s foreign policy is the Iranian-backed terrorist organization Hamas, which is centered in the Gaza Strip. Since Biden assumed office in 2021, the United States has given around $5.5 million to Gaza, and yearly, UN organizations working in the area get an extra $90 million in financing.

In November, the Biden administration wasted no time in delivering $100 million in essential humanitarian relief to Gaza, the territory that has erupted into violence between Israel and Hamas since the latter’s assaults on October 7th. While campaigning in November, Biden promised the American people that the help will “support more than one million displaced in the conflict affecting Palestinians including emergency needs in Gaza.”

An official report from Biden’s State Department states that practically all U.S. aid sent to Gaza carries a “high risk” of going to Hamas. In October, the State Department expressed “legitimate concern” that Hamas would redirect U.S. funds for terrorist activity.

The aid was nevertheless sent by the Biden administration. The Jerusalem Post reports that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have found evidence that Hamas has been taking supplies and physically abusing Gazan people who are seeking assistance from the aid sent by western allies.

According to Joe Truzman, an international defense analyst, said in October that, “Hamas continues to sit astride supplies that enter the Gaza Strip, with a history of using humanitarian aid to increase its power. It claims the residents of Gaza do not have adequate food and fuel, while it steals from them and uses these civilians as shields in its war against Israel.”

The Biden regime has also sent aid to Lebanon since 2022. Lebanon is home to the Iranian-backed and very effective Hezbollah terrorist group, which has been at odds with Israel on many occasions since the Hamas assault on October 7.

Even though the Biden administration gave Lebanon U.S. taxpayer dollars, the country has done nothing to rein in Hezbollah, which goes against Lebanon’s UN security regulations. According to senior defense strategists, the Lebanese government is attempting to “blackmail Washington using security obligations it is already required to fulfill under international law” by claiming that it will only implement UN international security regulations if the U.S. and the Arab states in the region elect a President that is sympathetic to Hezbollah’s interests.

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