Biden had to sit down when he got this awful news from the Senate

Joni Ernst

President Biden’s honeymoon period is far gone. The political world is collapsing around him and the Democrats, but it keeps getting worse.

And Joe Biden had to sit down when he got this awful news from the Senate.

The Biden administration and the Democrats are feeling the blowback from their terrible policies.

There’s essentially no part of American life that’s better off now that Joe Biden’s taken the reigns.

Inflation is out of control, housing mortgage rates have skyrocketed, energy crises are popping up around the country, and crime is on the rise in major cities.

Much of this is a result of the Biden administration and the Democrats’ do-nothing attitude when they are pressed on any issue brought to their attention.

And the bad news just keeps coming.

This time, it comes from U.S. Senate Republican from Iowa, Joni Ernst.

Joni Ernst claims that communist China is slyly stealing federal defense research by seeking out companies who are conducting research for the U.S. federal government and taking them under their own fold.

In one instance, she said a company developing drones and space technology was drafted by China to work for their communist regime now.

This comes from a review from the Pentagon that allegedly reached these conclusions.

It should be noted that the review is not available to the public.

The Washington Times reports:

The Pentagon’s review is not public and Ms. Ernst’s office said it could not share the document, but she described the trickery at work. She said it goes beyond the traditional boundaries of intellectual property theft.

China finds companies that are receiving federal research funding and recruits those firms to work for institutions associated with its military operations. The American company then dissolves, and whatever has been developed with the U.S. funds is transferred to a subsidiary in China, Ms. Ernst said.

The audit from the Pentagon has found in “nearly all cases” that China is getting more out of billions of taxpayer dollars being spent on research because of these companies shifting to the Chinese.

Ernst says the industries include biotech, solar energy tech, pharmaceuticals, and military technology.

She concluded that America is essentially subsidizing communist China’s position in the global arms race in the tech sectors.

These apparent conclusions from the Pentagon’s audit should concern everyone who’s not a communist China bootlicker.

This is just the latest in a series of security concerns being brought up this year concerning the Chinese.

They’ve also been buying up farmland strategically placed near military bases, which is an obvious national security issue.

When pressed on this issue, the Biden administration has simply declined to comment on it.

Senator Ernst says she’s seeking GOP congress members to take matters into their own hands with legislation to keep a closer eye on money making its way to communist China.

If the Democrats won’t do anything about it, maybe the GOP will if they retake Congress this November.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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