Biden impeachment update has the Democrats hyperventilating

The Democrats opened up pandora’s box when they impeached Trump. Now they are getting a taste of their own medicine.

Because this Biden impeachment update has the Democrats gasping for air in a total panic.

As the impeachment investigation of President Biden enters a crucial phase, major witnesses are set to be interrogated in Congress by the House committees that are heading the charge.

This month, the spotlight will be on Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf. On Tuesday, at 10 a.m., she will be deposed before the House Judiciary Committee, where she is scheduled to answer questions brought by the GOP-led Committee.

The Republican chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jim Jordan of Ohio, summoned Wolf last month in response to claims made by a whistleblower that, throughout the course of the FBI investigation into Hunter Biden, Wolf attempted to prevent investigators from pursuing questions pertaining to President Biden.

As part of the Committee’s oversight examination of the Department of Justice’s conduct of the Hunter Biden case, Jordan first requested that Wolf participate in a by-choice recorded interview during the summer, but she declined.

Gary Shapley, a whistleblower for the Internal Revenue Service, claimed that Wolf tried to “limit” questions about President Biden and made obvious allusions to Biden as “dad” or “the big guy.”

Wolf supposedly told Shapley that the FBI was “upset” since there had been “no specific criminality to that line of questioning” against President Biden.

“Agreed that probable cause had been achieved,” Shapley said, after reviewing an application for a search warrant of Hunter Biden’s house in October 2020. The president’s son could not be physically searched, according to Shapley, since Wolf would not provide the request.

In his statement, Shapley quoted Wolf as saying, “enough probable cause for the physical search warrant there, but the question was whether the juice was worth the squeeze.”

Additionally, Wolf is said to have informed Hunter Biden’s legal team about an impending search of their storage facility before it was conducted.

Jordan, who is also co-leading the House investigation into President Biden’s potential impeachment, is analyzing witness depositions and transcripts to see whether prosecution choices involving Hunter Biden were unduly impacted by political motives.

Prosecutors from across the spectrum have testified before the Judiciary Committee. Former Special Counsel David Weiss, who spearheaded the 2018 probe into Hunter Biden, is among those who have testified.

At last month’s committee interview, Weiss acknowledged that the Justice Department “wasn’t granted” special attorney authority for his Hunter Biden investigation, in spite of his asking for that status. However, he assured authorities that he did not view this decision as a “denial in any way, shape or form,” according to reports from the media.

That answer validated Shapley’s memory that Weiss sought but was refused special counsel power, meaning he lacked the “ultimate authority” to press charges against the son of the president in the investigation.

Weiss stated that he inquired with U.S. attorneys in several districts about the possibility of forming a prosecution partnership, as was asked by the DOJ.

In voluntarily recorded statements before the House Judiciary Committee, U.S. Attorneys Martin Estrada for the Central District of California and Matthew Graves for the District of Columbia both denied working with Weiss, lending credence to Shapley’s claims.

More witnesses will likely be available to participate in transcribed interviews with the House Judiciary Committee before the year comes to a close.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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